5 healthy bedtime foods to manage PCOS suggested by nutritionist

Mar 29, 2023 10:05 AM IST

A healthy bedtime routine can help women with PCOS deal with their symptoms better. Here are best PCOS foods one should take at bedtime.

PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal condition in women of childbearing age and can cause a range of symptoms from irregular or missed periods, excess hair growth, infertility, mood swings to weight gain. Women with PCOS may also have difficulty sleeping or suffer from diminished sleep quality. Nutrition is a vital part of PCOS management and by adding the right foods to your diet, one can manage the symptoms effectively. PCOS can often play havoc with body's insulin levels and often women with the condition have a high chance of getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. (Also read: Yoga asanas to combat PCOS: Malaika Arora’s trainer shares tips)

Sleep disturbance is an important feature of PCOS and assessment of the health status in PCOS (Instagram/Lovneet Batra)
Sleep disturbance is an important feature of PCOS and assessment of the health status in PCOS (Instagram/Lovneet Batra)

"Sleep disturbance is an important feature of PCOS and assessment of the health status in PCOS should include a concern of sleep quality and the right approach to reduce these disorders. So, if you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, or have PCOS symptoms, making healthy changes to your diet is a great place to start in your treatment. Let us go through some healthy habits you can adopt before bedtime to manage PCOS," writes Nutritionist Lovneet Batra in her recent Instagram post.

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Here are foods that you must have at bedtime for improved health:

1. 1 tsp chia seeds (soaked)

Rich in omega fatty acids and fibre, chia seeds help improve testosterone levels and egg quality from ovary. It is a storehouse of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the plant-based form of omega-3 fats.

2. 2/3 tsp of ashwagandha powder with soaked nuts

Ashwagandha helps reduce the cortisol levels in the body which is helpful for women with PCOS in managing stress and other symptoms.

3. 2 coconut slices

Coconut has high levels of medium-chain fatty acids which increases metabolism and energy levels and help regulate your insulin secretion levels.

4. 1 tbsp roasted pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain beta-sitosterol which inhibits the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT which can help reduce hair loss. Pumpkin seeds also contain essential fatty acids (EFAs) that our bodies need.

5. Soaked kesar water

Saffron is seen as a calming spice that helps combat anxiety and depression, a common effect of PCOS. It also helps reduce testosterone levels.

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