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Debunking vagina myths: Doctor reveals the truth behind common misconceptions

May 15, 2023 04:22 PM IST

Discover the truth about vaginas by debunking common myths and misconceptions. Let's promote sexual health and empower individuals with knowledge.

Vaginas have long been shrouded in myths, misconceptions, and whispered rumours. From ancient folklore to modern-day urban legends, the subject of vaginas has often been clouded with misinformation. As a result, many people harbour misconceptions about this important and complex part of the female reproductive system. It's time to set the record straight and separate fact from fiction. By understanding the truth, we can promote sexual health, empower individuals with knowledge, and foster a more open and informed discussion about this integral aspect of human anatomy. So, let's delve into the world of vagina myths and misconceptions, and discover the truth that lies within. (Also read: Vaginal health: Doctors bust myths for intimate hygiene )

Many people harbour misconceptions about the vagina which is an important and complex part of the female reproductive system.(Unsplash)
Many people harbour misconceptions about the vagina which is an important and complex part of the female reproductive system.(Unsplash)

Debunking common myths about vaginas

Dr. Vandana Ramanathan, MBBS DNB(OBGY) FRM, consultant reproductive medicine, Milann Whitefield, shares with HT Lifestyle, common myths surrounding vaginas and provide accurate, evidence-based information to help dispel the confusion.

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1. Myth: Frequent sex makes the vagina loose

Fact: the vagina gets lubricated with foreplay, which helps it to expand and accommodate. The rugae in the vagina make it resilient and elastic. This, along with its rich blood and nerve supply, gives it the ability to distend as well as return to its Pre-arousal state.

2. Myth: Vaginas are always tight

Fact: The tightness varies on the basis of arousal, childbirth, and age. There is a degree of stiffness that is different for each individual.

3. Myth: Vaginal odour is abnormal

Fact: Though, in some cases smell may be indicative of infection, having a mild natural odour is normal. Note, that this odor is contingent on the different stages of the menstrual cycle.

4. Myth: All women experience vaginal orgasms

Fact: Pleasure could be gained from several kinds of stimulation like clitoral, vaginal, and combination orgasms. “Vaginal orgasm' is not a different kind of orgasm, therefore it should be referred to as just an orgasm.

5. Myth: Vaginas must be cleaned with douches

Fact: Vaginas are self-cleaning organs that maintain an appropriate pH balance. Douching can disrupt this balance and increase the risk of infections. Gentle cleansing with water and mild, fragrance-free soap is sufficient.

6. Myth: The hymen indicates virginity

Fact: Virginity is a personal and complex subject. The presence or absence of a hymen, a thin membrane varying in shape and size does not qualify as a determinant of virginity as the hymen could be stretched or torn through various activities, including non-sexual ones such as physical exercise or the usage of tampons.

7. Myth: Vaginal discharge is indicative of infection

Fact: Vaginal discharge is normal. It cleans and lubricates the vagina. However, changes in colour, consistency, or odour may indicate an infection or imbalance that requires medical attention.

“In the realm of vaginal health, separating fact from fiction is an important task. By debunking myths and embracing the truth, we empower individuals with knowledge. Let's shatter the taboos, spark discussions, and foster a society where understanding thrives. Together, we can create a world where every woman feels enlightened and liberated, guided by accurate information and empowered choices,” concludes Dr. Vandana.

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