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How to get 8-pack abs like SRK in a healthy way; fitness experts offer tips

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Dec 29, 2022 02:25 PM IST

Loved SRK's 8-pack abs in his upcoming film Pathaan's Besharam Rang song? Experts say there are no shortcuts to achieve the sculpted body. Here is what you need to do.

SRK, who turned 57 last month has been receiving rave reviews for his 8-pack abs look in this upcoming film Pathaan. If you too aim to work on your abs and get a body a 'la SRK, experts say there are no shortcuts to it. A combination of strength training, some cardio, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep can help you reach your goals. Taking performance enhancing drugs or steroids to accelerate results can give fast results but lead to disastrous consequences for your internal organs and thus must be avoided at all costs. Losing fat in a healthy way through diet and exercise is the ideal way to achieve 8-pack abs without any other side effects. (Also read: Brisk walking vs jogging; which is better for weight loss? Expert take)

How to get 8-pack abs like SRK in a healthy way; fitness experts offer tips
How to get 8-pack abs like SRK in a healthy way; fitness experts offer tips


"If you want to get 8 pack abs like SRK in a healthy way then you have to learn the art of persistence because exercising for 3 hours, 7 days a week for 3 months won’t give you the result which exercising for even 30 minutes a day for 5 years will give. Just like a drop a water which falls on a stone doesn’t harm the rock but this repeated action 1000s of times can even break a rock," says Mukul Nagpaul, Founder of Pmftraining and Fit India Movement Ambassador.

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"We all have two rectus abdominis muscles but having a 6-pack or 8-pack depends on the bands of connective tissue arranged horizontally over the abdomen. That number is determined by our genes, and neither exercise nor diet can make up for the difference. Likewise, the symmetry of the abs is also genetically predetermined and cannot be changed. To make your abs visible, you must get your body fat percentage below 12. Unfortunately, there is no single exercise, diet, or supplement that can help you do this quickly. That said, a combination of strength training, some cardio, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep can help you reach your goals," says Varun Rattan, Co-founder of The Body Science Academy, Noida, NASM certified nutrition coach.


"The biggest shortcuts that people go for are taking performance enhancing drugs or steroids to accelerate their results which will give them fast results but will damage them internally which can cause organ failures as well as death," says Nagpaul.


"Rather than following a celebrity workout go for a workout that is suitable for your lifestyle and your current level of fitness plus eat more home food and see what works for your body rather than going for the best diet trend going in the market," says Nagpaul.

Here are tips by Varun Rattan to get those 8-pack abs after 40


Cardiovascular exercise is any form of physical activity that increases the heart rate and breathing rate. Aim to do at least 20-40 minutes of this type of exercise four times a week. Running, swimming, cycling, jump rope, and performing kettlebell swings are all great cardio exercises.

Resistance training

It is any exercise that forces your muscles to work against a load. This can help develop strength, power, size, and endurance of your muscles. You can use machines, weights, or resistance bands for external resistance. Multi-joint exercises like squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, and bench presses can lead to a higher metabolic rate, which can accelerate fat loss. It is also essential to incorporate exercises that focus on the core muscles from all directions, such as modified curl ups, side planks, suitcase carry, woodchop, and hanging leg raises.


Many people are aware that to reduce fat, you must consume fewer calories than what you expend. However, some individuals have difficulties losing fat even when they consume as little as 1200 calories per day. Eating fewer calories than your body needs to function regularly slows down the metabolism, leads to chronic exhaustion, and makes it more difficult for you to get the nutrients you need.

It is recommended to speak to a dietician before adjusting your daily calorie intake. If you are looking for a 500-calorie deficit each day, you can try reducing your calories by 250 and burning off the other 250 through physical activity.


Getting quality rest often gets overlooked when it comes to good health, but it really is essential. Research has indicated that inadequate sleep and poor sleep quality can be the cause of metabolic problems, obesity, and long-term medical issues. To get better sleep, try to have a regular sleep pattern. Exercise, listening to calming music, having a warm bath, and deep breathing can also assist you in getting a peaceful night's sleep.

Nagpaul says the focus should be to do strength training of all muscles to develop the muscles first and then adding cardio after strength training to cut down body fat for the better visibility of the abs. He adds that nutrition is very important to help you build muscles plus get recovered, and priority should be to eat 1.5-2 gm protein per kg of bodyweight with adequate carbs and fats. He also stresses that sleep is important to help recover better, build muscles and lose body fat.

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