Kareena Kapoor's coach shares 5 yoga poses to straighten up drooping shoulders that anyone can do at home: Watch video

Jan 06, 2023 06:51 PM IST

Do you suffer from drooping shoulders? Kareena Kapoor's trainer shared a video featuring five easy yoga poses that anyone can do at home to straighten up their shoulders. Check it out inside.

Do you have a desk job or spend most of your time working on a phone? If your answer is yes, you probably suffer from a bad posture. While some people can train themselves to pull their shoulders back, many of us spend extended periods slouching in front of a computer, with our shoulders forward and down. Unfortunately, poor posture from drooping shoulders can trigger many body issues, including neck pain, headaches, lower back strain and poor circulation. However, worry not because we have an easy solution for you - a video posted by Kareena Kapoor's coach featuring five easy yoga poses that anyone can easily try at home to target drooping shoulders and fix their posture. Keep scrolling to check out the video. (Also Read | Alia Bhatt's trainer shares 3 yoga poses for a strong core to avoid injuries and difficulty in doing simple tasks: Watch)

Kareena Kapoor's coach shares 5 yoga poses to straighten up drooping shoulders. (Instagram)
Kareena Kapoor's coach shares 5 yoga poses to straighten up drooping shoulders. (Instagram)

Yoga to straighten up drooping shoulders

On Thursday, Kareena Kapoor's yoga trainer, Anshuka Parwani, posted a video on her Instagram page titled 'Let's straighten up those drooping shoulders'. The clip features five yoga asanas one can easily practice at home - Cat And Neutral Pose, Puppy Pose, Rabbit Pose, Dolphin Plank Pose, and Cow Face Arms Pose. Anshuka also wrote a note explaining why fixing bad posture is important. "Not all curves are good, so let's get those shoulders straight. Hunched or rounded shoulders are often caused due to a muscle imbalance between the chest and shoulders or lifestyle factors like bad posture, carrying heavy bags, etc. If not treated on time, it can lead to stress in the upper back and neck muscles and also a defect in your posture."

She continued, "Here are some Yoga asanas that will help to stretch and strengthen the upper back, neck and shoulder muscles, making your shoulders straighter and less hunched. If you know anyone who suffers from drooping shoulders, ask them to start practicing these poses today. Start the movements a few times for 20-30 secs and gradually increase them to 2-3 minutes."

Cat And Neutral Pose

Keep your hands shoulder-width apart and your knees directly below your hips. Now, inhale while curving your lower back, bringing your head up and tilting your pelvis up. Then, exhale deeply and bring your abdomen in, arching your spine and bringing your head and pelvis down.

Puppy Pose

Get down on all fours and extend your arms right in front of you while exhaling. Spread your fingers, press your palms on the floor, and allow your chest to melt toward the floor as you slowly release your forehead to the mat.

Rabbit Pose

Sit on your knees, bend your head to the floor, touch your feet with your hands, and stay in the Rabbit Pose for a few seconds.

Dolphin Plank Pose

Get in the tabletop position, press your arms on the floor, and lift your pelvis to form an inverted V. Lift your ankles and stretch the body.

Cow Face Arms Pose

Sit on your knees, fold your legs below the pelvis, elongate your spine and lift out of your lower back. Take your right arm to the side and rotate it so your palm faces back and your thumb points down. Then, take your left arm out to the side and up to the ceiling. Clasp your hands or touch your fingers.

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