Pet care: How to ease your pet's anxiety; expert offers tips

Feb 18, 2022 06:37 PM IST

Certain behavioural changes in your pets like barking, excessive urinating or aggression could be signs of anxiety. Here's what to do when your pet is battling anxiety issues.

Pets bring much happiness to our lives and can melt our heart with their unconditional love. It is natural that pet parents can't bear to see their babies in pain or any kind of distress. While the pets cannot communicate what's troubling them, one can spot signs when they are anxious.

Once you know that your pet needs help, you need to take certain steps to help ease your pooch's anxiety.(Pixabay)
Once you know that your pet needs help, you need to take certain steps to help ease your pooch's anxiety.(Pixabay)

The change in their usual calm demeanour could be one of the signs you would notice initially. Some of them may bark too much or show aggression while others may turn excessively quiet or depressed. They may indulge in destructive behaviour and will look uncomfortable.

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Considering pet owners are so connected with their furry friends they are likely to notice some sign or the other which indicates anxiety in their pets. Once you know that your pet needs help, here's what you can do to help ease your pooch's anxiety.

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Dr Narendra Pardeshi, India’s leading Vet Surgeon from Small Animal Clinic, Pune suggests these six tips that can come in handy.

1. Gently massage the pet: Just like humans, a good massage will help the pet to calm down. Anxiety often causes tensing of the muscles and massage therapy can help you deal with the tension. Just try to keep one hand on the pet and use the other hand for massage. The pet will surely be able to relax and feel better. Do not go overboard while massaging.

2. Cuddling or long petting session: If the pet is nervous, anxious, or stressed, it is essential to cuddle the pet or opt for those long petting sessions just to allow it to feel good and comfortable. Don’t forget to calm, praise, or reward the pet.

3. Make sure that your pet exercises daily: Anxiety can lead to low energy, so take your pet for a walk or play games at home. This will help the pet to rejuvenate and stay active. Exercising on a daily basis can help release endorphins that relieve stress. Exercising can also help you to bond with the pet, and make him/her feel wanted.

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4. Don’t leave the pet alone: If your pet is scared or anxious, it is better to be around him or her or else they can panic. The pet will feel safe and secure around you.

5. Opt for cognitive-behavioural therapy: The pet can become less afraid of stressors and calm down with the help of this therapy.

6. Identify the triggers: The vet will have to know about the triggers and address them promptly to ease anxiety. Whether it's a particular sound, environment or situation, it's important to identify the triggers.

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