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Tips to improve bone health for women with perimenopause

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi
Mar 26, 2023 05:40 PM IST

During perimenopause phase, women undergo significant hormonal changes that can lead to a decline in bone density and an increased risk of osteoporosis. Here are tips by health expert on how women with perimenopause can improve their bone health

Bone health is a crucial aspect of women's health, especially during perimenopause, which is a biological transition phase from the reproductive age to menopause. During this phase, women undergo significant hormonal changes that can lead to a decline in bone density and an increased risk of osteoporosis however, with proper awareness and care, it is possible to maintain strong and healthy bones.

Tips to improve bone health for women with perimenopause (Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Ajith KN, Medical Director, Clinical and Imaging Services at Neuberg Diagnostics, shared, “Bone health is essential for women's overall health and well-being. Perimenopausal women should be aware of the importance of exercise, fall prevention, nutrition and screening for osteoporosis. By taking these steps, women can maintain strong and healthy bones and reduce the risk of fractures and other complications associated with osteoporosis.”

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He elaborated -

  • Exercise and safe movements: One of the most effective ways to maintain bone health is through regular exercise. Weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises help to build and maintain bone density, as well as improve balance and coordination, reducing the risk of falls and fractures. Women should engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise five times a week, incorporating activities such as walking, jogging, dancing, and resistance training. It is essential to choose exercises that are safe and appropriate for your level of fitness, and seek professional guidance if needed
  • Fall risk assessments and fall prevention: Falls are a significant risk factor for fractures, especially in women with low bone density. Therefore, it is important to assess and reduce the risk of falls. Women should ensure that their homes are free of tripping hazards, such as loose rugs and clutter, and install grab bars and handrails in bathrooms and other areas as needed. They should also consider using walking aids, such as canes or walkers, to provide additional support and stability who have already fallen and need support. Additionally, women can learn safe falling techniques, such as rolling rather than bracing for impact, to reduce the risk of fractures
  • Nutritional requirements - Calcium, Vitamin D: Nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining bone health. Calcium and vitamin D are essential nutrients for bone health, as calcium is the main mineral component of bones, and vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium. Women should aim to consume 1,000-1,200 milligrams of calcium per day and 600-800 international units of vitamin D per day, through diet and/or supplements. Good dietary sources of calcium include dairy products, leafy green vegetables, and fortified foods such as orange juice and cereal. Vitamin D can be obtained through sunlight exposure and dietary sources such as fatty fish and fortified foods.
  • BMD screening (DXA scan) in women at high risk for osteoporosis: Bone mineral density (BMD) screening, such as a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scan, can help identify women at high risk for osteoporosis. Women at high risk for osteoporosis include those with a history of thyroid disorders, arthritis, early menopause, high-risk medication use and cancer patients. BMD screening can help identify women who may benefit from early intervention to prevent or treat osteoporosis, such as lifestyle modifications, medication or hormone therapy.

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