What is hyper-independence? Signs to watch out for

Sep 22, 2023 11:34 AM IST

From having a strong sense of control to suppressing emotions, here are a few signs of hyper-independence.

Being independent is a great feeling and a healthy expression as well. However, self-resilience and independence are healthy only when they do not start to see vulnerability as a weakness. Often hyper-independence can be unhealthy for people. "Consider yourself independent? It's a boost for your well-being, showing you're in tune with your autonomy and choices. Yet, when self-reliance goes to the extreme, refraining from seeking help or collaboration, it can spiral into an unhealthy state.⁣ Meet hyper-independence: extreme or excessive reliance on yourself, shying away from vulnerability and support — viewing it as weakness. ⁣This mindset can tangle relationships, stunt personal growth, and breed isolation.⁣ Notice yourself evading assistance, downplaying feelings, chasing perfection, and avoiding vulnerability? Hyper-independence might be at play," wrote Therapist Carolyn Rubenstein.

What is hyper-independence? Signs to watch out for(Pixabay)
What is hyper-independence? Signs to watch out for(Pixabay)

Carolyn further noted down a few signs of hyper-independence that we should watch out for:

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Avoid asking for help: Everyone, at some point in their lives, needs help from others. We are wired to be social beings and we seek help and assistance from others. However, people with hyper-independence find it extremely difficult to ask for help, even when they really need it.

Resists dependency: Being dependent on us is a healthy expression. However, often people with hyper-independence go to extreme limits to maintain their sense of autonomy and avoid relying on others for anything at all.

Hides vulnerable emotions: Not wanting to look or be vulnerable to others can make people with hyper-independence hide and suppress their emotions. Often these pent-up emotions can show themselves up as extreme reactions.

Strong sense of control: People with hyper-independence have a strong sense of control – they like being in control of their surroundings and the people. This often makes them drop out of events and situations where they feel that they may need to lose their sense of control or collaborate with others.

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