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5 first date rules millennials love to break

Feb 12, 2022 11:22 PM IST

You’re usually expected to be on your best behaviour on your first date... no talking about exes or even eating to your heart’s content. But daters today say the mantra is to just be yourself.

You are expected to be on your best behaviour when going out on your first date. No talks about the exes, no touching on topics like religion, politics and wait for it, not eating to your heart’s content. Phew, we say these are outdated, the mantra is to be just yourself. Here are 5 first date rules you ought to break.

First date rules millennials love to break
First date rules millennials love to break

Don’t talk about exes

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For some not talking about exes used to be a guru mantra on a first date. However, unless you are a school going first time dater, we understand you have had past relationships. No one likes talking about the ex, but there is a certain understanding and acceptance that there were past relationships. “When I go on a date, I know the fact that the girl would have had past relationships, but it’s good, at least they are experienced when it comes to emotional and physical quotient,” says Vikram Batra, 31 years CA, Pune.

No ideology, religion or politics

These topics are outright risky for a first date but one doesn’t want to make these stances a deal breaker in the future. Be clear about your choices, ideologies and attitude towards religion. “I understand that everyone is an individual and has set ideologies but its important for me to know what the other person thinks and feels, helps me in understanding basic values,” says Vanshika Grover, 22 years, Law student, Delhi.

Relationship expectations are a big no-no

To have a discussion about what you expect in the future is of utmost importance on the first date. “I need to first have a discussion about my expectations because there’s no point getting into a relationship if we are not on the same page,” says Ananya Ghoshal, 25 years, PHD scholar, Bengaluru. It’s always better to have every information before investing emotionally.

Don’t eat everything

Come on, you are not meeting your nutritionist or trainer, you can eat everything you want to eat. Just be mindful about what you order, don’t experiment on the first date, go with the tried and tested.

The man should pay

In the 21st century, we guess paying bills is not just the prerogative of men. Dinners are expensive especially when you have just started dating. It is totally fine to split the bill and it doesn’t mean that you won’t meet again. “I am very comfortable when it comes to letting the girl pay and why not? If both of us are earning, it is just okay to let her pay. It actually doesn’t matter till the time we are compatible,” says Anubhav Sharma, 31 years, Pilot.

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