Having unrealistic expectations in relationship looks like this...

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Apr 22, 2023 10:53 AM IST

From assuming that your partner will know to expecting them to make us happy all the time, here are a few things to keep note of.

In a relationship, it is natural that people will have expectations from each other. Be it about the way they want the relationship to be, to the efforts put in, people speak of their expectations and needs in a relationship. A healthy relationship is based on clear communication on what they want out of it and how they see it. However, sometimes, we may have unrealistic expectations from the other person in the relationship. Addressing this, Therapist Maria G Sosa wrote, "It’s unrealistic to expect our partner to anticipate all of our needs. And there are some needs that we naturally observe and tune into as we get to know and exist in relationship with each other."

Having unrealistic expectations in relationship looks like this...(Unsplash)
Having unrealistic expectations in relationship looks like this...(Unsplash)

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Maria further spoke of the unrealistic expectations we often have from a relationship:

Change: Often we expect the partner to behave in a certain way and be a certain type of person, to our choice. Just because they love us, does not mean that they will change for us. Love is also about accepting each other the way we are.

Assuming: We often assume that we do not need to communicate our needs because pur partners should be able to read our minds and our behaviors and figure out our expectations and needs. However, that’s not true. A healthy and happy relationship is based on putting efforts in communicating about each other's needs.

Every single thing: A relationship does not necessarily means loving everything about each other. Sometimes we need to accept each other's shortcomings, imperfections and get going.

Spark: The spark of the relationship often goes away after the initial days of a relationship. However, it takes a lot of effort and intention to keep the spark alive. The passion going away in the relationship does not mean that the love has left.

Happiness: Our happiness solely depends on us – just because we are in a relationship, we cannot expect our partners to make us happy all the time.

Right way: There is no right way or the wrong way in a relationship, and it certainly does not depend on us. We need to come to a common ground and decide on things. Every relationship has its own set of rules, and that's what makes them unique.


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