Sima Taparia, who was recently in Delhi to attend an event says she likes to shop in South Extension market.
Sima Taparia, who was recently in Delhi to attend an event says she likes to shop in South Extension market.

Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia: Compromise se duniya successfully chalegi!

Affectionately referred to as Sima aunty by Gen Z and millennials, Taparia gives some advise for modern day relationships and marriages.
By Aprajita Sharad
PUBLISHED ON MAR 06, 2021 02:20 PM IST

Sima Taparia, who is hailed as Sima aunty by the millennials has become a trending name on social media with youngsters spamming her comment section with requests to match them up. With comments such as ‘Sima aunty please give us some lit love advise,’ and ‘Sima aunty’s #shaadiketotke are OP,’ Taparia’s connect with the millennials and Gen Z has evolved strongly post her web series. In the age of swiping left, and digital dating, where makeups are as quick as breakups, Taparia shares some tips on what can make your romantic life crack proof! “Millennials need to understand ki compromise se unki duniya successfully chalegi. When you’re in an airport and they tell you that the flight is delayed, then what do you do? You patiently wait! The same principles of patience and adjustment is what millennials need for a successful shaadi and relationship,” she says.

For a generation that’s hooked to web series, and all about instant likes and retweets, relationship issues sometimes become baffling. Taparia however, feels that applying age old principles to modern situation is the key! “Marriages are breaking like biscuits in India. Bacche log smart hai, focused hai and they have financial independence so they want ki woh apne mann ki kare. But they have to also value the age old principles of give and take, adjustment and compromises in marriages. If the younger generation learns to give love and respect to each other in marriages, then they can have a successful married life and divorces will be on the decline” says the matchmaker who has become a subject of memes, reels and has been described by youngsters to be savage, classy and bougie.

What advise does ‘Sima from Mumbai’ have for youngsters grappling to balance shaadi and kaam? “Shaadi and career go hand in hand. Take my example, I am a working woman as well as a wife and a mother, youngsters need to realise ki everything is possible you just have to strike a balance between office ka career and ghar ka career”

Is Taparia the new substitute to dating apps on the block? “Show ke baad so many youngsters have reached out to me to help them get an arranged marriage. I was getting 1000 phone calls on my number every day. I had to take off my number from google. Youngsters are consciously choosing arranged marriages as an option more and more.”

Author tweets @FizzyBuddha

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