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Signs you are losing yourself in a relationship

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Aug 04, 2023 12:07 PM IST

From merging identities to making sacrifices, here are a few signs that we are losing ourselves in a relationship.

In a relationship, we should be careful to hold on to our originality even when we are with the person we love. Being together and still being able to enjoy the things that we individually love is the definition of a relationship that respects boundaries and space. "Opening spaces to understand signs of losing yourself in relationships and developing interdependent relationships. Have you ever lost yourself in a relationship? What helped you reconnect with yourself," wrote Therapist Susanne Wolf as she explained the need of keeping up with individuality while being in a relationship.

Signs you are losing yourself in a relationship(Unsplash)
Signs you are losing yourself in a relationship(Unsplash)

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Susanne further noted down a few signs that we are losing ourselves in a relationship:

Hobbies and passion: We feel that we are no longer eager to pursue our passion and hobbies.

Friends and family: The people who have been a significant part of our growing up – family and friends – are no longer our priority. We do not get to spend enough time with them.

Sacrifices: Compromises are natural in a relationship, but if they are constantly one-sided, that can be a major sign of an unhealthy relationship.

Consult: We always feel that we are not in charge of our choices, and we constantly need to consult our partner for even the smallest things.

Overidealise the relationship: We have slowly lost touch with reality as we are constantly overidealising the partner and the relationship.

Partner's approval: We are so dependent on the partner that our emotional well-being depends on them.

Boundaries: We constantly disregard personal boundaries in order to keep the partner happy.

Partner's expectations: We are always on the lookout for how to maintain the partner's needs and expectations, even if that means pushing our own priorities down the list.

Resentment: We feel the buildup of frustration and resentment – this happens when we neglect our needs for a long time.

Merging identities: We feel that our identities are dependent on that of the partner.

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