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Things you need to know when waiting for an apology

ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi
Oct 11, 2022 02:45 PM IST

From being egoistic to not having the tools to take responsibility for their actions, here are a few reasons why people do not apologise after they have wronged us.

When we face situations where we know that we have been done wrong to, we sit and expect an apology from the other end. However, that can be taxing – waiting for the apology to come. For sometimes, an apology takes years and months, or worse, it never comes. But how do we cope with it – the waiting, the anticipation, and most importantly, with the feeling of knowing that someone did wrong to us and is not bothered about it at all? It can be a trying situation to wait for an apology to arrive in the way we want it to. While some people choose to apologise, some never do. It can be due to multiple reasons, Addressing the same, Therapist Nedra Glover Tawwab wrote, “Hard Truth: Some people will not apologize. It's doesn't mean that you aren't worthy of an apology; it just means that they can't do it. There peace in letting go of things outside of your control. You can't make a person apologise and mean it.”

Things you need to know when waiting for an apology(Unsplash)
Things you need to know when waiting for an apology(Unsplash)

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Facts: Facts and truths may be right in front of us to know that the other person was wrong and their actions, and words hurt us deep, however, they may choose to never apologise to us. We should learn to make peace with it.

Deserve: Sometimes people think that we do not deserve an apology, and hence they stay away from doing the same. It can come from their perspective and opinion of the situation.

Blame: The blame game between two people can slow down the process of an apology coming our way.

Actions: Some people choose to show in action that they are sorry. Instead of opting to say sorry with words, they may feel like showing through their actions. And, that is the stronger form of apology.

Ego: Sometimes, ego can come in between and ruin the process of an apology. Even if they are wrong, they may feel being belittled if they apologise, so they choose not to.

Admitting truth: Accepting and admitting to the truth can be a very difficult process for some people and may break them. So, they choose to not go with it.

Accountability: Some people do not have the mental power or the tool to take accountability or responsibility for their own actions. Hence, they never apologise.

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