4 ways to wake up early in the morning and conquer the alarm clock

Stop being miserable everyday after waking up late and start sleeping in time and using these methods to wake up in time.

more lifestyle Updated: Aug 16, 2018 16:11 IST
Kabir Bhandari
Kabir Bhandari
Hindustan Times, Delhi
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You will not be able to wake up in time if you don’t sleep on time. (Shutterstock)

If you’re always running late to office and entering the meeting room after everybody else, then it’s time you start getting your timing back in place. Getting up late and rushing to work is not a good way to start the day at all.

Ideally you should get up, have a good breakfast, get ready and still have time before you need to leave. But for the ones who are perpetually late risers, waking up late, getting a mini heart attack and then reaching office past their reporting time becomes the norm.

Here are a few ways to get up in time so that you have an early start to your day.

1. Get out of bed

The first and toughest part about every morning is getting out of bed. Once you do this, you can start off with your day. But that’s easier said than done. One way of doing this is placing your alarm clock away from where you are sleeping so you are forced to get up from bed. To be doubly sure, you can have another alarm in another corner of the room so that you will have no option but get out of bed.

2. The environment

In order to start waking up early, you need to be in that sort of an environment. You can do this by watching videos or listening to podcasts about getting up early. Understand why it is beneficial for you to wake up early.

3. Have a to do list

Another way you can get out of bed is if you have a list of things that you have to do in the morning. Whether it is eating breakfast, reading the newspaper or doing other stuff, you should have a ready list of the things you need to so that you actually look forward to getting up in the morning.

4. Sleep on time

You will not be able to wake up in time if you don’t sleep on time. So get your sleeping time in order. That ways you won’t have the excuse that you’ve hardly got any sleep so you should sleep just a little bit more.

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