My ideal weekend: Chef Ranveer Brar prefers whisky on the rocks over cocktails
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My ideal weekend: Chef Ranveer Brar prefers whisky on the rocks over cocktails

HT48HRS_Special Updated: Dec 10, 2015 14:37 IST
As told to Meenakshi Iyer
As told to Meenakshi Iyer
Hindustan Times
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Brar can watch re runs of Game of Thrones all day on Sunday.

Q) Dine out, order in, or cook a meal on weekends?

Dine out on weekends, since there’s so much to discover in the world of food.

Q) On weekends: work out like it’s just another day/go easy/exercise…what’s that?

Work out harder to allow weekend indulgence.

Q) Strictly salads and grilled chicken, or cheese/chocolate cheat for the weekend?

Salad and grilled chicken with a sprinkling of cheese.

Q) Where do you party?

Weekend parties are either at work or at friends’ places.

Q) Where you love getting breakfast.

Vinay Health Home, Colaba. My go-to order is the Misal Pav.

Q) Some complicated iced frappe person or straight up espresso person?

Straight up espresso. I’ve always been a purist.

Q) Cosmopolitan or whisky on the rocks?

Whisky on the rocks.

Q) Street food that makes your day.

Vada Pav with extra chutney.

Q) Party till dawn or wake up for yoga at dawn?

None of the above. I love my sleep.

Q) Books, music or movies?

Movies, especially world cinema and classics.

Q) Couch potato or painting the town red?

Couch potato once in a month, when the energy and the paint are over.

Q) A movie/book you’ve been meaning to catch up on.

Movie: The Help.

Q) Twitter or Instagram?

Instagram. I’m visual person.

Q) Favourite hashtag.


Q) A TV show you could watch reruns of all Sunday.

Game of Thrones.

First Published: Dec 10, 2015 00:00 IST