Play these games with your loved ones and make Christmas video calls fun(Pexels)
Play these games with your loved ones and make Christmas video calls fun(Pexels)

Play these 5 games with your loved ones and make Christmas video calls fun

We will all have to meet our families and spend time with them virtually this year. In order to make those long calls more fun, you can play these five games and add some merriment around this Christmas.
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UPDATED ON DEC 24, 2020 05:47 PM IST

Most of us spent the entire 2020 sitting at home in order to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus and our entire lives shifted online. From Working From Home to connecting with loved ones virtually via video calls, everything was with the help of the internet. Even the festivals were celebrated by giving family members a virtual hug on a video call.

Christmas is going to be the same. Those big family gatherings and trips for the holidays will not be possible this year and you will have to find different ways to spread the holiday cheer. But it is not all that bad. You can still make those long video call sessions with family fun. Yes, you read that right.

There are games that you can play with your loved ones during these calls and today, we are going to share some of those with you. It surely won’t be similar to meeting your family in person and playing these games, but it will be better than not doing anything

1. Antakshri

Everyone knows how to play Antakshri. It has been a patent at all family gatherings and picnics since time immemorial. It is also not that tough to play. The game becomes more fun and competitive when you divide the players into teams and keep the score. One of the teams has to start by singing a song. Once team 1 finishes, the second team has to sing the song starting from the syllable that team 1 ended their song on and the process continues. When a team fails to come with the song, they lose.

2. Dumbcharades

This is another childhood game which a lot of us used to play and it is extremely simple. One of the players has to enact a movie or a song and the rest of the players have to guess the name. The only rule: the player, enacting, cannot speak at all and only has to use actions. The more difficult the movie name is, the funnier the game gets. We can say this from personal experience. If you divide the players into teams and keep a score, it gets more interesting.

3. Switcharoo

Here is another fun game that can easily be played at a family video call. The game is quite similar to tongue twisters and is equal amounts of fun. This game needs a mediator who will have to come up with certain questions beforehand. The questions can be extremely simple, such as, ‘Who is Ranveer Singh’s wife?’ Now, the only rule of the game is that the person answering will have to switch the first letters of the forename and the surname. So, the answer becomes Peedika Dapukone instead of Deepika Padukone. This is a rapid-fire game, whoever gives the correct answer first, gets a point.

4. Name, Place, Animal Thing aka categories

To play this game, you have to keep paper and pen handy. One of the players has to come up with an alphabet and the rest have to write a name, a place, an animal and a thing, all starting from that alphabet within 30 seconds. Whoever gets all four in the given time gets the highest score. The person with the lowest score, in the end, gets a punishment. You can come up with some really fun punishments for this game.

5. Cookie to mouth

This is an extremely fun one. All the players have to tilt their heads back and put a cookie on their foreheads. Then, without touching with hands and just using facial muscles, the players have to bring the cookies to their mouths. If the cookie falls, then the players have to start from the beginning again. The prize - the delicious cookie.

Which one will you be playing with your family at the next call?

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