Revamp and re-use: Have fun with discarded kitchen companions
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Revamp and re-use: Have fun with discarded kitchen companions

Don’t throw away your orphaned tea cups or those mismatched plastic spoons you might have ordered online: just re-jig and re-use in creative and super useful ways.

more lifestyle Updated: Jul 02, 2016 11:46 IST
Snigdha Ahuja
Snigdha Ahuja
Hindustan Times
From ‘branded’ coffee cups turned piggy banks to terrace garden spruce-ups and plastic spoon clocks : it’s time to re-cycle your foodie BFFs

Your favourite coffee mug, a souvenir from last summer’s vacation - there’s just something about it that doesn’t let you say goodbye. Same goes for soup cans that seem like they arrived straight from a pop artist’s canvas. Well, if you can relate to the (completely normal, of course) urge to hoard utensils and kitchen companions long after the need for them has diminished, this one’s for you. Perk up the space around you, create mantle magic for your room or add a dash of quirk to your personal style, all with the help of your shelf favourites.


Terrace gardens also need some sprucing up. Here’s some inspiration from an al fresco Czech restaurant.

If you are one of those who loves the whiff of greens, why not add a fun element to your space? We have all heard of garden sprayers and retro teapot-style water dispensers, but what about being a wall wizard? Spruce up your terrace garden by filling in a wooden frame with mismatched elements. Hang your tea cups and mugs that lay rotten in your kitchen with the help of rustic hooks and sneak in some garden funnels too.


Plastic bottles can be used to create dressing table beauty organizers.

The summer’s got you hoarding up on that vitamin water and mineral bottles. We found some super cute online inspiration that gave us an idea to revamp the plastic into vanity box organizers. Vlogger Ela Gale uses a pair of scissors to create tube cut-outs and rims the edges with loose glitter. Pack up your lippies, eye shadow pots and other makeup items into these and dress up your vanity corner.


Post-it pen holders can be created out of old tin cans.

Here’s a fun way to re-use soup cans, puree tubes or tin containers that you throw mindlessly (without realising their might!). All you need is your can, adhesive cork (sheets and discs are easily available), pins, scissors and pencils. YouTube channel Guidecentral gives us this idea and we love it, because not only is it easy to create by just rolling the paper around the tin, but the cork surface can also be used to pin-up post-its and reminders for work.


Plastic spoons blooms can perk up your space in a jiffy

DIY experts Greyson Darrow and Sharrah Robeson use plastic spoons to frame mirrors in one of their tutes. Spray painting these spoons don’t only a give a glossy touch to the funky bloom design but the layered edges also gives it a three dimensional touch. Vlogger Noura Ebraheem uses the same technique to create a Chrysanthemum clock. What a colourful way to perk up your pad on an almost zero budget!

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Do you fancy a high-end piggy bank or a couture coffee cup to go?

If you love your takeaway coffee cups, then why would you dump them! Reuse them to create fun piggy banks, by just using a kitchen knife to create an opening and a print out of your favourite luxe label’s logo for that couture touch! You can even revamp plastic kitchen trays and food boxes in the same way, by either creating planters or a pretty perfume holder.

First Published: Jul 01, 2016 16:55 IST