Revel, don’t rave: Six sure-fire tips the source of information

Not sure if that late-night party you are attending is an illegal gathering or a rave? Here’s how to find out.
Not sure if that late-night party you are attending is an illegal gathering or a rave? Here’s how to find out.(Unsplash)
Not sure if that late-night party you are attending is an illegal gathering or a rave? Here’s how to find out.(Unsplash)
Updated on Jun 29, 2019 11:28 AM IST
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Hindustan Times, Delhi | ByRuchika Garg

If a five-star hotel in Delhi can be a venue for an illegal party, how could one trust other not-so-popular locations? A lot of minors and youngsters, especially college goers, often head to such celebrations without knowing that they are illegal. However, officials from the excise department claim that 90% of the attendees do indeed know about the drugs and about only 10% genuinely don’t have a clue. Most unaware attendees are often lured by a fancy location or a performer.

These parties often send out invites through direct messages to regulars or closed groups on social media. There are several pages on Facebook that share the details of rave parties organised in Delhi-NCR.

We spoke to Alok Kumar, ACP, excise department, Delhi, who recently raided a five-star hotel party in the parking lot. Kumar shares some tips that youngsters can follow to avoid ending up at an illegal party.

“A lot of times when we talk to attendees, they blame it on their friends. Keh dete hain ki dost le aaya tha, mujhe toh pata hi nahin tha. So the tips are for those who mistakenly becomes a part of these events,” he says.

Avoid isolated locations

It is highly likely that a party happening in a Chattarpur or Fatehpur farmhouse will be a rave party. Kumar says, “We raided a party in the Chattarpur farms and meanwhile, similar types of parties were going around. The location is infamous for rave and illegal parties.”

The source of information

You need to make sure who the sender of message is. To know the credibility of the party organisers is necessary. “Do a little googling on the type of party you are heading to. Sometimes, the code to know what a party would be like is hidden in the invites. Look for words (raving, stripping) that look suspicious,” says Kumar.

Be in reliable company

Avoid going with someone unknown or a friend you don’t know very well. “Make sure that a known and trustworthy person accompanies you when you attend a party you’re having second thoughts about. This would ensure your safety and make getting out of a situation easy,” says Kumar.

Party timings

“Raves and illegal parties go on till early morning hours. The organisers will tell you that party will wrap up at 12am or so, but will continue the revelry till 4 or 5am. Parties like these start at 10pm or 11pm in the night, so that’s the first hint. According to the rules, the latest one can party is till 1am,” Kumar shares.

Pay attention to the party spot

If you reach the party and find out that its being organised in a basement or a parking spot, that is the first red flag. “Such spots are not allowed due to fire safety norms, health issues and other permits. Keep a watch. There are chances of even drugs being there, even if the venue is a fivestar hotel,” says Kumar.

Nature of gathering and attendee number

Knowing the number of attendees is crucial. “When you buy a ticket online for such parties, they mention how many are sold so far. If thousands are going to come to the same venue, pay extra attention. And once you get there, keep a watch on the crowd, you will get a hint if things aren’t right,” he says.

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