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4 Pokémon games that were popular before Pokémon Go

We trace the history of the Pokémon gaming culture

HT48HRS_Special Updated: Aug 09, 2016 13:39 IST
Compiled by Manali Shah
Compiled by Manali Shah
Hindustan Times
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POKÉMON BLUE: Released in Japan as Pocket Monsters: Red & Green in 1996, this was a popular Gameboy version. The aim is to become a champion of the Pokémon League by defeating gym leaders and the Elite Four (top four Pokémon trainers).

Pokémon Blue

POKÉMON STADIUM: A first-generation video game, it was developed and released by Nintendo in 1998. The strategy game sold one million copies before the end of 2000.

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Pokémon Stadium.

POKÉMON TRADING CARDS: A huge hit in the ’90s, fans of the cartoon series loved getting their hands on as many Pokémon cards as they could (used to be available in stores). In keeping up with the times, a virtual version of the card game is now available to be played on smart¬phones as well.

Pokémon Card Trade.

POKKÉN TOURNAMENT: An arcade fighting game, it combined Pokémon characters with gameplay elements and characters from another game — the Tekken series. It was released for Japanese arcades in 2015

Pokémon Tournament.

First Published: Aug 09, 2016 00:00 IST