American bariatic surgeon to train surgeons at JJ

American weight loss surgeon Dr Mathias Fobi will train doctors at the state-run JJ Hospital, Byculla, Priyanka Vora reports.

mumbai Updated: Sep 09, 2012 01:06 IST
Priyanka Vora
Priyanka Vora
Hindustan Times

American weight loss surgeon Dr Mathias Fobi will train doctors at the state-run JJ Hospital, Byculla.

Dr Fobi, known as the pioneer of bariatric surgeries, has accepted the invitation from doctors at JJ Hospital to visit the only public facility offering bariatric surgery.

The hospital's surgery department has organised a continuing medical education (CME) on bariatric and metabolic surgery in which Dr Fobi is expected to deliver a lecture at JJ Hospital.

Over the past four months, doctors at the hospital performed five bariatric procedures of which three were conducted on patients suffering from uncontrolled diabetics.

“All patients have achieved a significant weight loss. Also the diabetic are no more insulin dependent and their sugar levels are under control. Knowing that India is a diabetic capital with a higher incidence of type II diabetes, such surgeries need to be mad affordable to the poor also,” said Dr A Bhandarwar, surgery department of the hospital.

Doctors said that in a government set-up, the cost can be 60% lower than a private set-up, where charges are anywhere between Rs. 3 lakh and Rs. 6 lakh for bariatric procedure.

Dr Fobi would also supervise a few bariatric procedures that a team of surgeons will perform.

“We have screened six patients who will undergo the procedures under Dr Fobi's supervision. Apart from the conventional procedure, we want our students to get acquainted with such procedures too,” said Dr Mukund Tayade, organising chairman of the CME and head of JJ Hospital's surgery department.

JJ Hospital has also collaborated with Dr Fobi for a clinical research study to evaluate various bariatric and metabolic surgeries in India.

“Bariatric procedures include different surgical procedure. Now we need to find which procedure is best effective in a particular medical condition such as diabetes, obesity or sleep apnea,” said Bhandarwar.

First Published: Sep 09, 2012 01:05 IST