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Set up a corruption exposé committee to sniff out scams

A mere resignation is not enough. The Congress should have sacked Ashok Chavan. He should not be allowed to compete as a candidate for elections at any level -- be it municipal, state or national.

mumbai Updated: Nov 14, 2010 01:36 IST
Hindustan Times

A mere resignation is not enough. The Congress should have sacked Ashok Chavan. He should not be allowed to compete as a candidate for elections at any level — be it municipal, state or national. Somehow, our ministers are never quite held accountable for their actions, not while in office and not after they have exited.
Perhaps the government should set up a corruption exposé committee. Also, Chavan should have been fired before Obama’s visit. A chief minister accused of corruption on such a massive scale should never have been allowed to receive a foreign dignitary. (Deendayal Lulla)

Give Kargil flats to martyrs’ families
The Adarsh scam is too big to be buried by the sacking of one of the people allegedly involved. The CBI probe will hopefully bring to light the whole truth behind the scam and the government will, God willing, take action. Meanwhile, we must deal with the national shame that the poor widows of our Kargil martyrs have been cheated. These flats must go to those families now. Nothing will be served by demolishing the tower. (Jayanthy Subramaniam)

Sonia Gandhi has set a good example
After dilly-dallying over the fate of embattled CM Ashok Chavan, the Congress has finally shown him the door.
Sonia Gandhi has set a good example by sacking Chavan over his alleged involvement in the ongoing Adarsh scam. (Sharful Islam)

Book Chavan under anti-corruption laws
In the wake of the Adarsh scam, Ashok Chavan’s resignation is an instance of too little, too late. He should be booked under anti-corruption laws. If we are to eradicate scams and corruption from the public domain, the government must endorse stringent laws against such actions.
The Adarsh Society scam is also an insult to our Kargil war heroes. The widows of our martyrs have a right to those flats and should now get them, regardless of whose names are on the title deeds. (Deepak Chikramane)

Congress must punish all the guilty
Ashok Chavan has tried to gobble up property worth crores and this has been at the cost of India’s Kargil widows, whose husbands sacrificed their lives for the nation. I still have faith in the honesty and integrity of Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and Pranab Mukherjee and I believe the Congress Party has principles.
I hope they prove to us that this trust is justified by punishing all those involved in this scam. (Neera Damania)

Let scam be a lesson for netas
There was a time when the chief minister of a state was expected to be an ‘adarsh purush’, and even a misdemeanour was considered shocking and unpardonable. Now, we have people who seem to forget all about their state and think only of themselves. No, Mr Chavan, a resignation will not suffice. Our former CM and all the others involved must be prosecuted. Let this case be a stern warning to other land grabbers. (KP Rajan)

All hopes now on the new Chavan
The appointment of Prithviraj Chavan as CM of Maharashtra seems to have ended the week-long crisis brewing in the state. It is being said that Chavan’s selection as CM is due to his clean image. Let’s see what this new Chavan will do to clean up corruption, crime and babuism in the state. (Mohammed Zaid)

Every flat owner, babu must pay
The sacking of a CM is certainly not an adequate response to the massive Adarsh scam. All society members must be made to pay the current market rates or have their flats handed over to the Defence Ministry. Also, every officer involved in handing out permission for the construction of this illegal building should be investigated and sacked if found culpable. This will deter others from aiding in such scams in the future. (MK Pande)

Simply Michelle
I applaud US First Lady Michelle Obama for dressing so simply and mixing so well with children and students in Mumbai. Would any of our politicians do what she and her husband did? She touched hearts and there was nothing artificial about her.(Hilda Fernandes)

Glad to hear Obama on Pak
This is with reference to your reports on US President Barack Obama’s maiden visit to India. Through his historic three-day trip, Obama’s emphasis remained fixed firmly on creating more jobs in America through our markets. But he took a tough stand with regard to Pakistan, and he was right in snubbing the latter for its total inaction in bringing the executors of the Mumbai terror strike to justice. (Jayanthy Subramaniam)

First Published: Nov 14, 2010 01:29 IST