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A musically independent India

Luke Kenny I am happy to say that at this point, there are more independent music artistes in India than ever before be it bands, DJs, singers, songwriters or producers.

music Updated: Jan 16, 2012 13:43 IST
Hindustan Times

If I may say so Luke Kenny I am happy to say that at this point, there are more independent music artistes in India than ever before be it bands, DJs, singers, songwriters or producers.

At every competition I am called upon to judge, every college campus I visit or at the open mic night I host, I see more youngsters taking up music as their purpose in life (however long that purpose may last).

I would like to say with increased support to keep this sense of purpose alive among the youth, the chances of us emerging as a musical superpower in the years to come will only get better.

There needs to be a push to promote music that rises beyond Bollywood tunes (which is dying a slow death as I see it). With that push, we’ll be able to create and establish the independent identity of non-film music.

My ultimate dream is to see music education becoming a part of the daily syllabus of the academic year in schools and colleges. Children should be able to learn music during their formative years. They should have the vocational opportunities of taking it up as a career. And only then shall a Musically Independent India truly arrive and stand proud, If I May Say So.

English Review
Here’s what you want on your iPod, recommends Luke Kenny

Crazy Clown Time
David Lynch
PIAS Records
Every film aficionado’s favourite off-centre director launches his debut album of songs, yes songs that have sprung from his ever fertile creative mind. A bluesy twisted swamp is what permeates the soundscape here, with songs that border on electro-pop and odd vocal ramblings that fall into place at just the right time. A film in
sound then, if you will.
Zany Lynch time.
Rating: ***

Sky Rabbit
A band reinvents itself and cracks the mould. Leaving behind the rocky road that Medusa was, Sky rabbit are off to a bounding start even if they have dragged a few suitcases along from the past. The sound is easy as easy does. The songwriting is as lunatic as ever, with lead vocalist Raxit Tiwari threatening to hypnotise himself (and every listener) as he sings about his Anti-Coke Ganpati’s and what not. Bound away with this, I say.
The Sky’s the limit.
Rating: **1/2

Drive OST
Cliff Martinez
Lakeshore Records
The one time Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer has now become the hottest motion picture score composer. Those who have seen the film will know the magic of its electro-sizzle score. A frequent collaborator on Steven Soderbergh’s films (including the superb Contagion), yet it is here in Nicolas Refn’s Drive that Cliffs’ sound is the real hero of the minimalist storyline. Ethereal, ambient, dreamlike, you don’t just watch this film, you listen to it too!
Full throttle.
Rating: ****

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo OST
Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor EMI
After last year’s stunning, The Social Network, the second collaboration between director David Fincher and Atticus Ross with NIN-er Trent Reznor raises the bar. The soundtrack to the Hollywood version of the best-selling swedish novel has 39 pieces of sonic rapture will send you into cold dark places (in a nice way) and leave you gasping for more.
Tattoo this now.
Rating: ****

First Published: Jan 16, 2012 12:59 IST