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Goodbye, Miss Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was a true legend in every sense, beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, generous, charitable, open-hearted, strong… As a tribute, here are a few songs dedicated to her.

music Updated: Apr 25, 2011 14:51 IST
Luke Kenny

Elizabeth Taylor was a true legend in every sense, beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, generous, charitable, open-hearted, strong… I could go on. Her passing reminds us of the incomparable body of work she leaves behind. In tribute I would like to play a few songs for her.

You stole the sun from my heart — Manic Street Preachers (1998)
Although the song is about the band’s dislike of touring, I would like to address it to God.

The heart of life — John Mayer (2006)
From one of this generations great songwriters, this is what Elizabeth's heart was probably like.

The last time — The Rolling Stones (1965)
This is what she probably might have said every time she got married.

Babyface — U2 (1993)
From the excellent experimental Zooropa album, this is for Elizabeth as a child star.

She is — Soulmate (2010)
This one is for women in general, but here today, it’s for Elizabeth.

Diamonds — Herb Alpert (1987)
‘White Diamonds’ was a signature perfume that Miss Taylor launched in her active years as a fashionista.

Gabrielle — Dreams (1994)
Elizabeth Taylor was living proof of dreams coming true and making them happen, if you believe in them. And so we will remember and respect Elizabeth Taylor’s contribution to life, for she lived it unconditionally… if I may say so.

Here’s what you want on your iPod, recommends Luke Kenny

Rock N Roll Party
Jeff Beck
Rating: ****

Les Paul was one of the pioneers of Rock n Roll in every aspect. Every guitar player and songwriter has in some way or the other been influenced by him. So when he passed away in 2009 at the age of 94, the tributes were overwhelming. This tribute is by devotee Jeff Beck and the results are scintillating. Special guests Brian Setzer, Gary Bonds and Imelda May make it more so. It’s the most fun you’ll have with your clothes on.

Bottomline: Party all night!!

Vices And Virtues
Panic! At The Disco
Decaydence Records

Rating: ***

Anew band has emerged in the time since their last bum, 2008’s, ‘Pretty Odd’. From a foursome, they are now a twosome, with Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith taking over all duties. The result is an assimilation of a multi-genre consciousness that is refreshing. While this is being looked upon as a comeback of sorts, it is more a rebooting of the Panic! emotion. Songs like ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Let’s kill tonight’ are evidence of the fact. Also check out the sublime
ballad ‘Always’.

Bottomline: Surrender to this

Dust Bowl
Joe Bonamassa
Premier Artists

Rating: ****

Blues fans will rejoice at this latest offering from one of the hottest blues guitarists out there today. At 33 years, Joe is one of the few young guys playing the classic british blues style, in a career that’s brought him close to his idols like Eric Clapton and Robert Cray. I think of Joe Bonamassa as the thinking man’s bluesman. His playing is thoughtful and brooding. This is a cracker of an album and a smasher of a blues record.

Bottomline: Drink from this now

I Remember Me
Jennifer Hudson
Sony Music

Rating: **1/2

The sophomore album from american sensation sees her in a lighter vein. An effort to help her tide over past personal tragedies and look ahead with positivity. This one’s full of all the soul-pop that references Whitney Houston and Gladys Knight. Songwriting contributors include R Kelly, Aiicia Keys and Dianne Warren among others. This is nothing to really write home about, but it is a rather simple, easy-on-the-ears album and merits a few listens, at most.

Bottomline: Will you remember?