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Outsiders no more

Pakistani band Strings on their latest album Koi Aane Wala Hai, pop scene and Bollywood, interviewed by Malvika Nanda.
Hindustan Times | By Malvika Nanda, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUN 03, 2008 03:26 PM IST

They were an underground explosion, circa 1992. Edgy, rough and raw. Fourteen years down the line, the Pakistani band, Strings, is into songs of hope.

In fact, their new album Koi Aane Wala Hai is being promoted with beefcake John Abraham playing an angel for the title song's video.

Vocalist Faisal Kapadia says this isn't a conscious effort but a natural curve.

"We've neither strayed away from our kind of sound consciously, nor have we held on to it. We've just been living the sound of Strings, so its dynamics. There was a phase when we were doing several dark songs like Zinda and Alvida. The change was natural."

The album has a very ‘happy' feel to it. Kapadia states, "We've been touring a lot of late. Our experiences at the concerts..the interaction with the fans, have shaped the upbeat sound of the album." Thumbs up They thumb up the 'live' entertainment scene in India but are critical of the domination of Bollywood music.

"Pop is losing its strength in the music industry. Bollywood is all over the place. If you're not into the movies, you're considered an outsider," Kapadia shrugs.

Hey, don't worry, be happy? To that, Kapadia laughs, "Yeah sure, the growing numbers of bands singing in Hindi is a terrific sign. I'll be really thrilled when our songs top the charts along with the Bollywood hits.. instead of being treated as another genre altogether."

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