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We believe in a world without borders: Giuliano Modarelli

Kefaya is a band that believes in the celebration of internationalism

music Updated: Dec 16, 2017 18:30 IST
Anjali Shetty
Giuliano Modarelli and Al Macsween are excited about their India Tour 2017.
Giuliano Modarelli and Al Macsween are excited about their India Tour 2017.

Members of Kefaya are vocal about their love for genuine music and peace. The band comprises Giuliano Modarelli on guitar, Al Macsween on keyboard and electronics, and Joost Hendrickx playing the drums.

Modarelli enlightens us on the band’s songwriting process and about its belief in the idea of internationalism. “We believe in a world without borders and do not agree with nationalism or cultural purity. Our project reflects this ideology. We came together to make universal music and not get affected by any language or community,” says Modarelli. Kefaya draws a lot of inspiration from Europe, India, Middle East and Africa and through their works throws light on inequality and liberation. Their latest album, Radio International, focusses on migration and other such stories. Macsween says, “We are always looking out for compositions and songs that match our sensibilities. We draw inspirations from original sounds, musicians we meet and folk artistes too.”

The band labels their rehearsals as a collective process and has carefully picked their members. Macsween adds, “We do have creative differences and arguments, however at the end of it all we share a common passion. We look at the bigger picture and focus on what needs to be done. We have known each other for a long time now and understand each other’s pulse. We experience music together and have developed a common language together.”

Being on the road, sharing rooms and finding normalities are some of the challenges that the band faces. Modarelli says, “We have been in India for three weeks now and any road trip across the globe gets challenging. However, the fact that we are really good friends is what gets us going. We love playing and performing together. This tour in particular has been a great opportunity, so we ain’t complaining. We get to meet such talented musicians and are exposed to some wonderful Indian classical, folk and independent music.”

They have heard and enjoy Bollywood music too. Macsween adds that it is a huge genre which produces some amazing music and they would love to create a soundtrack for it. The band is amazed about the knowledge and engagement of Indian audiences and admires the fact that they really listen to a concert. Modarelli shares, “It was interesting to see a faithful audience come out to listen to our music. We have heard a lot of Indian and Bollywood music in taxis back in the UK.”

For budding artistes, they say, “Try to be true to what you want to do. Make real and genuine music and do it for the cause of art and not for financial success. Don’t look at it as a job, give it enough time and research well. Go for the challenging aspects of music and don’t make cliched stuff. Most importantly, find inspiration from other areas such as poetry, literature and painting too.”

Where: Shisha Cafe, Koregaon Park, Pune

When: December 21, from 8.30pm