We say goodbye with words
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We say goodbye with words

Now, if only Amy Winehouse had listened to her father, or even her friends, she wouldn’t be another statistic that unnecessarily dots the landscape of music icons who died young. Luke Kenny writes more...

music Updated: Aug 01, 2011 17:23 IST
Luke Kenny
Luke Kenny
Hindustan Times

“We tried to make her go to rehab, but she said no, no, no. Yes, she’s been black, but when she comes back, we’ll know, know, know. Cos, she ain’t got the time, and if her daddy thinks she’s fine. He’s tried to make her go to rehab, but she won’t go, go, go.”

Now, if only Amy Winehouse had listened to her father, or even her friends, she wouldn’t be another statistic that unnecessarily dots the landscape of music icons who died young. I also find it unnerving how everybody suddenly turns judgemental whenever something like this happens. Yes, it is a lesson for the youth who tend to emulate their icons and live such a life of excess. Success can be a reality-warping intoxicant that opens doorways through which one can never return.

The loss of Amy is irreparable, much like the loss of Janis Joplin in 1970. Janis, who was found dead and alone, also suffered the lack of a stable relationship, though she was engaged to her fiancé, Seth Morgan at the time.

I believe that a life lived longer is any day more valuable than a death that comes early. Amy Winehouse will be a generation’s tragic beacon and an eye-opening warning for a youth that chooses to live without regard for self-preservation.

Goodbye, Amy…we will always miss you and sadly, remember you as an example of what not to do…if I may say so.

Here’s what you want on your iPod, recommends Luke Kenny

Sorry For Party Rocking
Rating: ** 1/2
The full-length album features the song that has set dancefloors, portable music systems and parties across the world on fire. This year’s biggest dance hit so far is now bundled into an album that features more music from the duo that go by the names of Redfoo (Stefan Gordy) and Skyblu (Skyler Gordy) both of whom are family to legendary record label Motown’s founder Berry Gordy. Given their pedigree its easy to see where the catchy dance hooks come from. But as far as the rest of the songs go…lets just say the shadow of Party Rock Anthem looms too large for the good of the album.
Bottomline: No Apologies Here

Hell: The Sequel
Bad Meets Evil
Rating: ***
The Eminem side project (one of many) brings back Royce Da 5’9’ (yes that’s his name), one of the rapper’s early homeboys who debuted with him on Slim Shady EP in 1999. This one is not unlike most rap albums that exist, it’s just the Eminem touch that makes it rise above the general drivel. And add to that, that it’s about two friends getting together and shooting the breeze. So a lot of the material on the album is angry (when is rap ever not), profane (ditto), and sexist (tell me about it). But yes, Eminem fans will lap it up.
Bottomline: Rap meets…er Rap!

Foster The People
Rating: ***
American indie trio led by Mark Foster wanted to call the band Foster & The People but fans kept dropping the ‘&’, so the name stuck. As has their breakout single ‘Pumped up kicks...’ And while the song itself is upbeat in its tone, the lyrics are pretty dark. The rest of the album follows in a similar moody-dance-pop vein that recalls familiar artists like MGMT and Miike Snow. But this is the time for FTP and this is the time for this album to be playing on your wavelength.
Bottomline: Light It Up!

Bob Sinclar
EMI (2 CDs)
Rating: ***
Bob Sinclair is one of the beacons of French house music and his contributions to the realm can only be challenged by his influence and inspiration, Cerrone (if you don’t know Cerrone, you don’t deserve to party…ever!). This album is a collection of his work with legendary New York house label Strictly Rhythm, which has given us many luminaries such as Josh Wink, Roger Sanchez, Ultra Nate and many others. So put it on at that house party you’re planning to throw.
Bottomline: Pure House Energy

First Published: Aug 01, 2011 17:16 IST