Ghaziabad police, employer cast doubts over man’s Rs15-lakh armed robbery claims

The cash collection agent had alleged that he was robbed at gunpoint of Rs15 lakh by bike-borne men

noida Updated: Feb 16, 2017 22:42 IST
Kavi Nagar,Ghaziabad,cash collection agent
Police inspect the spot in Kavi Nagar from where the cash collection agent claimed to be robbed.(Sakib Ali/HT Photo)

The police and the cash collection company have cast doubts over the veracity over the claims of a cash collection agent who said he was robbed at gunpoint of Rs15 lakh in cash by bike-borne men in Kavi Nagar.

The police on Thursday conducted a reconstruction of the crime and found the incident suspicious.

Sumit Thakur, the collection agent, said he had picked up around Rs15 lakh on Wednesday from a customer company at Kavi Nagar and was robbed of the cash by two bike-borne men thereafter. The alleged incident took place around 7.35pm on Wednesday and police was also informed.

“We recreated the entire incident and found that the sequence of events as told by the collection agent does not add up. There were also many contradictions in his statements to the police. We are still investigating, but the matter seems to be highly suspicious,” said Salmantaj Patil, officiating senior superintendent of police.

“We suspect that he handed over the cash to someone and faked the robbery incident,” he added.

Upon information of the alleged robbery, senior officials from the cash collection company lodged an FIR against unidentified persons at Kavi Nagar. However, they are also suspicious about the incident.

“As per the procedure, our agent was supposed to call up the cash van immediately after he collected cash from the customer, but he did not do so. Further, he checked out from the customer premises around 7.35pm and made a call to the police at 7.36pm. This is absolutely not possible considering armed robbery and that the scene of crime is around 800 metres from the customer premises,” said Captain (retired) RP Singh, the senior risk manager from the cash collection company.

“Further, there is absolute laxity on his part as it was a huge amount of cash and he himself took it on his bike and did not call up the cash van,” Singh added.

According to Thakur, the incident took place near Diamond Flyover. He had alleged that two armed robbers came on a bike and snatched the cash bag from him.

First Published: Feb 16, 2017 22:42 IST