Delhi High Court appoints SY Quraishi as administrator of Archery Association of India

The Delhi High Court, while appointing former Chief Election Commissioner of India SY Quraishi as the administrator, came down heavily on the Archery Association of India, derecognized by the central government on December 07, 2012, for not conforming with the National Sports Code.

other sports Updated: Aug 11, 2017 20:40 IST
Archery Association of India,SY Quraishi,Delhi High Court
Former Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi will oversee the Archery Association of India elections to ensure its being held as per the constitution of the governing body and the National Sports Code.(Getty Images)

The Delhi High Court has appointed SY Quraishi, former Chief Election Commissioner of India, as administrator of Archery Association of India (AAI) and ensure that its elections are held as per its constitution and the National Sports Code (NSC).

The court came down heavily on AAI, de-recognized by the central government on December 07, 2012, and its Executive Committee, for failing to amend its constitution to bring it in conformity with the National Sports Code.

“...Instead the same was attempted through the Annual General Meeting of its Emergent General Council Meeting, which does not inspire confidence,” the court said further questioning the non-representation of a large number of state member in the meeting.

The court said the administrator will first “resolve” the issue of disaffiliation of members or units of AAI, within a month by giving them two weeks’ time.

“The Electoral College of the AAI shall be prepared and elections shall be held in six weeks thereafter” the court said adding, “This elected body shall carry out the amendments to the Constitution to bring it in conformity with the National Sports Code”.

“Thereafter, a fresh round of elections, shall be carried out as per the amended Constitution and in terms of the National Sports Code, to ensure that age and tenure restrictions and due representation of the sports persons are strictly complied with,” the court said giving a deadline of four months to carry out the entire exercise.

Advocate Rahul Mehra moved the High Court seeking to stay AAI’s notice calling for an emergency meeting of the General Council. Mehra said that the General Council meeting was called “hurriedly” without giving the mandated 30 days notice to all its members.

The court was of the opinion that the meeting called by the present dispensation “purporting to represent the AAI, the General Council Meeting called by it and the so called resolutions adopted on the said date were improper and irregular”.

“This is even more so since large parts of India covering six Eastern states and Orissa and Pondicherry, as aforementioned, were also not represented,” it said adding, “The Association is being run by the people who evidently do not have any authority since the elections were not held on time”.

Till the elections are conducted and results declared, AAI shall not make any new financial commitments except with the prior approval of the administrator, the court ordered.

First Published: Aug 11, 2017 20:33 IST