‘It’s the worst place to work’: Wrestling legend levels harsh criticism against Triple H, WWE

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Mar 06, 2020 06:55 PM IST

Scott Steiner has levelled intense criticism against Triple H and called WWE the “worst place to work” in a In a recent episode of “Sitting Ringside” podcast by David Penzer.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has gained reputation for being a difficult company to work. Apart from the hectic schedules and injuries suffered during matches, the wrestlers have also complained about poor treatment of talent at the cost of massaging ego of a few hand-picked superstars. In the yester-years, Hulk Hogan was the one who was known for backdoor politics and pushing his own agenda at the cost of ruining careers of his opponents. From mid-2002 to 2005, Triple H gained reputation as one of the most selfish perfomers who would ‘bury’ his opponents with what many regarded as “golden shovel” - a term used in pro-wrestling when a superstar uses politics to not allow new superstars to emerge by refusing to lose.This period, now known as “Triple H’s reign of terror”, saw one of the worst feuds in WWE - Triple H vs Scott Steiner.

Triple H faces criticism from Scott Steiner.(WWE)
Triple H faces criticism from Scott Steiner.(WWE)

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Scott Steiner made his return to WWE in 2003, after WCW merged with WWE. He immediately gained fan following owing to his top-notch physique. He was pushed a top-level feud with the then World Heavyweight Champion Triple H. But a dull rivalry, followed by a botched-up title match, ended the feud and Steiner left the company. In the years to follow, Steiner openly criticised the company for squashing WCW talents.

In a recent episode of “Sitting Ringside” podcast by David Penzer, Steiner iterated more of the same, and alleged that Triple H used his relationship with Chairman Vince McMahon’s daughter Stephanie McMahon to rise up the ladder in the company.

Scott Steiner said (h/t Wrestling News): “Same thing that went wrong with everybody else that went there from WCW (went wrong with me). Look at what everybody did. Triple H beat everybody. Kevin Nash went in and he did a DQ and then he got beat. Sting got treated worse, he had one match with them and he was done. That’s the thing when a guy is a mark and he wants to beat everybody and who is a legitimate p***y. Wikipedia don’t like, seriously. Look at what he’s done, nothing. Then he got into professional wrestling and that was his time to shine.”

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“Of course, it does help b*****g the boss’ daughter so he took advantage of everything that he could and he beat everyone from WCW. They treated everyone like s**t and we’re all in the same business. Wrestling is a small knit community, it’s a brotherhood. But you’re gonna treat us bad because we wrestled for somebody else? It made no sense but now it’s biting them in the a**. They would kill, f*****g kill for half the ratings that they had when we had the Monday Night Wars. Look at em, it’s biting in the a** and f**k them. They got what they deserved. I’m so mellow right now.”

He further went on to name CM Punk and Jon Moxley (formerly known as Dean Ambrose), who both left WWE and later alleged that the company wasted talents. “CM Punk said the same thing I said 8 years or 9 years later. Moxley said the same thing. It’s the worst place ever to work. Every time I worked there, I wanted to quit. In 93 I left and I was gone for two years in Japan…” he said.

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Steiner further went on to criticize WWE’s Hall of Fame awards, and called it a joke: “First off, where in the f**k is the Hall Of Fame? How can you be in the Hall Of Fame if it doesn’t exist? It exists in Vince’s mind. Do I give a f**k if I rent space in Vince’s mind? F**k no, I don’t give a f**k what he thinks. So I don’t care if I’m in the Hall Of Fame because it’s a f*****g joke because it don’t exist. Why do I care if I go in the Hall Of Fame? It’s not there, go visit it! Where are you gonna go visit it at?”

Well, it surely seems like WWE is not going to see the return of Scott Steiner any time soon. Listening to him, it is clear that not returning to the professional wrestling brand serves his interests as well.

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