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Punjabi by nature: Stop the road-rage model of politics!

Dear AAP, Congress and SAD-BJP, Hope the saviours, custodians and wardens of Punjab are doing well?

punjab Updated: Aug 21, 2016 11:33 IST
Khushwant Singh
Khushwant Singh
Hindustan Times
Punjab people during one of the rallies of SAD-BJP government. (HT File Image)

Dear AAP, Congress and SAD-BJP, Hope the saviours, custodians and wardens of Punjab are doing well?

Oh! Just in case you are stressing about the order of my addressing each of you as my predicted score of Punjab elections, please treat it as an alphabetical order, because there hardly appears any difference between the three.

Come on. Only a naive would say that the fight is for the sake of Punjab, however, much you want to blah blah about it on microphones. That it is for power and nothing else is getting established day after day as politics hits a new low each day in this desperation. In other words, there is hardly any difference between Tom, Dick, and Harry. Who is who? I leave it to you to decide: Ladh na paiyo!

For a moment, just take a glance at the political discourse all of you are flushing Punjab with? It is nothing but anger, vendetta, vindictiveness, jealousy and inflated egos; indeed a roadrage of sorts. Friends, how can anything else exist in an environment where even a decent dialogue is next to impossible? Believe me, it cannot.

Words ‘progress’ and ‘development’ that all the three of you espouse only happen to people and states where there is no negativity. Can development come to a state where everyone is angry and hungry for power? Lectures, radio jingles and large print advertisements are mere means to achieve power, not steps towards the betterment of the state.

Let’s get to the basics and ask, who out of the three is pushing for a positive narrative in Punjab? “Me, me, me!” Sorry to say, none of you. If going to deras of babas , invoking religion, or visiting holy shrines is going to change the course of Punjab, then God bless Punjab.

As a query, has any significant political leader taken a trip to centres of excellence in Punjab? Even if none exist, marking your presence at the Pushpa Gujral Science City at Kapurthala will bring no peril to your cause.

Rather, going live once in a while to show off a scientific temper, is a good break from megalomania ridden live FB shows. Isn’t it? How many of you have visited Punjab schools without the purport of genuinely improving education? Unfortunately, all that we get to read is that they usually shut when you guys rally.

By the way, let me give you a ‘parchi’: that the tab is the new slate, and some of you might want to talk about it. Another ‘parchi’ would be to turn the Sutlej-Yamuna Link canal water scarcity agenda into a movement for microirrigation. But no, this doesn’t bring votes if you say every farmer will get pressurised water from canals for drip irrigation.

Dear political sirs, give me one instance where the political narrative talks about helping the youth chase global opportunities, or turning Punjab into a global destination. Do you realise that by the time the Punjab election will be over, a new world order or business might have emerged? That’s how dynamic the world is. Opportunities are galore for an awakened mind, not for states that have a petty polity. It can’t get beyond Sector 2, Chandigarh.

Sirs, if you don’t evoke the minds, how will the youth dream? Isn’t the hatred and petty political narrative that you are selling being bought by them? Similarly, try sharing a positive narrative and believe me every Punjabi will go for it. Try, removing words like topiwala, Haryanavi, gappi, chitta chor, andar-bahr, chak deyo, amli and direct your troll centres to create a positive plot.

A plot that will help the state, for the state is foremost. Without a healthy state, all of us will perish in one way or the other. Yours sincerely Khushwant Singh


I must share a comment posted on my FB after I updated my status with a congratulatory message for the two Indian women who won Olympic medals.

“Can’t agree more... while there are men debating on the length of women’s skirts... there are women out there wearing medals much above the skirts”: Sanna Kaushal Gupta, Hoshiarpur.


First Published: Aug 21, 2016 11:32 IST