Turning 18 with HT: ‘Stop whining, be the change you want to see’
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Turning 18 with HT: ‘Stop whining, be the change you want to see’

A tennis champ, who was adjudged the Sports Girl of the Year 2017,  she is equally good at elocution and has set her sights on civil services.

punjab Updated: Mar 22, 2018 15:47 IST
Manraj Grewal Sharma
Manraj Grewal Sharma
Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
Turning 18,be the change you want to see,Sports Girl
Miss Sunshine: Shamita, who says her daily tennis sessions have sharpened her focus in academics, has been the state champ over a dozen times.(Karun Sharma/HT )

Shamita is a young fan of Lata Mangeshkar, who wants to be an IAS officer as she wants “to frame policies for the betterment of India.”

Name: Shamita Yadav

Born on: 31 Dec 2000

Captain of Govt Girls Model School, Sector 18

On turning 18: It is an entry point to adulthood, which brings with it tremendous responsibility and freedom. For one, you get the right to vote. I am really looking forward to it.

What do I want to be and why?

I want to be an IAS officer, for I want to frame policies for the betterment of India. I want to be in a position where my opinion counts and I can take up consumer issues. I plan to get admission to the Tata Institute of Social Sciences as a step in this direction.

What makes me happy?

Playing tennis makes me happy. Even though my Board exams are on, I practice at the nets for at least two hours a day. Music also makes me happy.

What makes you angry?

I get angry when I am unable to follow the timetable, for it means my work piles up. I also see red when I pick up the newspaper and find reams dedicated to cricket and very little to other sports. And I just can’t stand gender bias of any sorts.

Fear and fantasy

My biggest fear is of letting my parents down. They have done a lot for me. Teachers of physical education, they have worked very hard to give my brother and I a good life. I want to make them proud. As for fantasy, I want to write a racy book that doesn’t bore people.

Are you happy at the moment?

I am always happy. People tell me I radiate positive vibes. Even cranky classmates cheer up when they meet me.

What is it that you can’t live without?

Oxygen (laughs), my parents, grandparents and tennis. If I don’t play for a day, my legs hurt.

Religion to me

We should follow the religion of humanity. Right now religion has become the root of all troubles in our country. Newspapers are filled with reports about tension and violence in the name of religion. It makes me very sad. No religion is above humanity.

Money to me

In books, it’s described as a medium of exchange. I’ve never asked my parents for pocket money as they already spend a lot on my game of tennis. Hard work always pays. My dad says if you work hard now, you will enjoy later, and if you enjoy now, you will toil later. So I am giving my best to both academics and tennis.

Social media to me

I am not on any social media platform. I have also deleted WhatsApp, for I find it distracting. Although I know these platforms are effective tools for sharing news, views and ideas, I don’t feel the need for them. Also, I really have no time to waste on idle chatter. I study, play, train, and sleep.

My idea of India India is a fine example of a secular democracy. It has a vibrant culture with warm people, who can engineer a solution to everything. We are great at ‘jugaad’. It would be such an honour to wear the Indian jersey one day.

What makes you proud of India?

It’s the world’s largest and most successful democracy. I love our varied heritage and the huge variety of regional cuisines. I travel a lot and find the people very warm and helpful.

The change I want to see in India

We must do away with corrupt politicians who come to power on false promises. I would also like to see everyone gainfully employed, for this is the only way to end poverty in India.

Changes I want to see in Chandigarh

We must make our roads safer by following the traffic rules and mandating helmets for women as well. There should be an end to power cuts in the summer; I don’t like going without sleep. Also we Chandigarhians must stop whining and start trying to be the change we want to see around us.

My role models

I am deeply inspired by my parents, who are both very hard working and dedicated. Even my grandparents are a shining example of honesty and hard work. In tennis, I look up to Martina Navratilova.

First Published: Mar 22, 2018 15:46 IST