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Laws of attraction

The strange chemistry between two people when they set their eyes on one another, is inexplicable, writes Arif Zakaria.

sex and relationships Updated: Jul 25, 2008 10:40 IST

Last night, I was celebrating with the rest of my group of The Merchants of Bollywood show. We were celebrating at a swish nightclub, Shooters, in surfer's paradise, on the Gold Coast.

Identity cards were asked for. This was as proof of our age. A burly bouncer was sizing us up, matching our age with face and body language. While passing him, I joked, "Strict laws, mate?"

He laughed and said, "Yeah, but we're pretty easy on the laws of attraction. Enjoy." As I got into the main area, it had the pungent smell of alcohol and body aroma.. voices trying to be heard over the loud music blaring from the DJ's console, Sexual energy I looked around. The bouncer's words were true. All the preambles to these laws of attraction were present - gyrating young bodies emitting sexual energy and the subtle influence of alcohol, temporarily suspended notions of reality.

Both sexes shared a natural physical proximity. Life's oldest chemistry class was in session. The subject in session -attraction.

I wanted to experience this chemistry and get a sniff of this ‘aroma' first hand. An Australian couple, Ted and his girlfriend Katie, in our group were the guinea pigs. The mission was simple. Ted would hit the dance floor while Katie would sit with a drink at the bar.. and then sense this chemistry around them. Our experiment Ted, a good-looking Australian guy, moved on the dance floor in wild abandon. With his easy grace, he attracted hordes of stares, some brushed against his body and young girls flashed him coy smiles. He could have really lucked out that night, if he'd wanted to.

Several men invited Katie to the dance floor. Someone bought her a drink. In both cases, the invisible law of attraction was at play.

It strengthened my belief that this law envelops all of us. We use it or succumb to its power. This attraction is simple and natural. The strange chemistry between two human beings when they set their eyes on one another, is inexplicable.

Defies logic
It could be that person's physicality, smile, manners, countenance and a gesture.. or as my friend once remarked when he met his wife for the first time, "It was Christian Dior," implying her perfume had attracted him.

It's safe to presume that there's a powerful law of attraction at the heart of every successful relationship. It gains precedence over laws of morality, logic and rationality.. and in some extreme cases, the law of living.

As for my experience in the nightclub that evening, well my two left feet didn't help. Perhaps it was also the light reflecting from my wedding band, which kept the women away.