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Love knows ‘some’ bounds

Some seemingly innocuous things can lead to a ‘sudden’ end to your love story if not corrected in time. Chetna Joshi Bambroo tells more.

sex and relationships Updated: Apr 27, 2009 21:49 IST
Chetna Joshi Bambroo

Have you heard the saying that love knows no bounds? You must have and it’s true also. Love actually knows no bounds, but it does know bad body odour, plaque ridden teeth, the horrible gaffe of wearing Bu-shirt vests [vests with half sleeves] in time of ganjis, the annoying habit of having a ‘thing’ for something and a couple of ‘innocent’ things more that can make your girlfriend or boyfriend say, “I call it quits.”

Vikas Rathore, 29, says, “I had always thought that Hollywood couples break up because of as weird a reason as bad body odour, but realised the genuineness of the ‘reason’ only when I got stuck in a similar situation.” But isn’t a nice deodorant an effective solution? “My girlfriend had a bigger problem than this,” says Vikas, adding, “she had a foul breath. It was because of the simple reason that she probably didn’t clean her plaque-ridden teeth properly. Whenever she used to speak I could always see her teeth covered with the yellow ‘residue’.” Ewww… So was that the end? “Not actually. Things didn’t work out because of several reasons between us,” he says with a deep ‘fresh’ breath, and says with a smile, “Thankfully”.

Bobby Sharma, 22, an MA student, says, “I haven’t left my boyfriend [smiles], but I may. The ‘poor guy’s’ only crime is being a little meticulous. “But it looks so dehati and uncool for a boy to carry a pouch for his mobile,” argues Bobby, adding, “I think he is a chalta firta leather ki dukaan.” What could irritate her so much about her boyfriend? “He sticks one leather pouch for his mobile on his waist, another one for the spectacles in his hand and thank god, he doesn’t have a third one. When he unbuckles his pouch everytime his phone rings [in malls, restaurants, parties…] it fills me with irritation.”

These are not the only reasons that make you feel like saying, ‘Give me a break’. Shaileja Sharma, 25, a singer, rues, “My boyfriend wears a vest that has short sleeves like a shirt and seeing him, I feel like leaving him there and then. Gosh! In a time and age when girls fantasise about John Abraham and Salman Khan wearing stylish ganjis, ‘my boy’ wears ‘Bu-shirt’ vests.” But won’t gifting him ganjis solve the problem? “I wish it could,” says Shaileja, adding, “No amount of coaxing can make him let go for ‘the look’ — which makes him look 65 at 25.”

“Do we really need all these not-so-important reason to keep us from what our heart ‘really’ wants?” asks Puneet, 25, who’s ‘madly’ in love with a girl who has a little hairy arms, sneakily picks her nose, even kisses after having onions and more. Well! As they say, ‘life

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marzi hai aapki’