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Surprise, surprise

Okay, the economic slowdown has forced many couples to tighten their purse strings. Sujata Reddy has some unique gifting ideas for V-Day.

sex and relationships Updated: Feb 11, 2009 16:53 IST
Sujata Reddy
Sujata Reddy
Hindustan Times

Okay, the economic slowdown has forced many couples to tighten their purse strings. But that’s still not an excuse enough to abstain from gifting your loved one something special. And please.. don’t confuse special with expensive. Here are a few ideas:

For him
Is your guy a sports enthusiast? If yes the obvious gifting option is to buy him accessories for the sport he lives and breathes for.. after you, of course. Cricket gloves, golf clubs, technologically equipped sport shoes, digital watches.. the options are innumerable. If your guy has them all, get him a board game. It’s also a great way of ensuring ‘us’time. Monopoly, Scrabble, Command Starship, Battleship, Twister, Chinese Checkers, Mastermind.. he’ll love ’em. More so, he’ll love you for being such a sport!

It’s easier thinking up gifts for the metrosexual man. Perfume, hair gel, belts and cuff links are safe bets. Bold underwear (yes, it’s not just for women), coloured contact lens, a manicure kit, ties with his favourite cartoon character on it or a pair of shoes with a metallic sheen to them should set his pulse racing.

The sombre man is always difficult to please, or so you’d think. If your guy is just not into anything experimental, give him all that he wants, through the day.

So, you could start by placing an entire shaving kit, gift wrapped, before he steps into the bath. Surprise him with a shirt, cuff links and perfume when he steps out. Get his friend to place his favourite collection of audio CDs on his desk at work.

And just when your man thinks its over, surprise him with a home cooked meal (preferably infused with oysters or some such aphrodisiac), wine, cheese and sinful chocolate when he returns home. You can bet he won’t forget this V-day for a long, long time.

For her
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. If they are still out of reach for you, how about a Swarovski heart for her to treasure?

A heart shaped gold locket with both your photos in it, should also work. Don’t expect your girl to flaunt it all the time, but the gesture is always appreciated guys.

Leave early from work and hop on to a nearby mall. There still are dozens of sales in most stores. Confused? Pick a handbag, a wallet, a soap kit or bath set in exotic flavours and loads of accessories. She won’t have reason to complain with so many things staring at her, will she?

Now, here’s a secret..
girls love smart cell phones too. Some are just afraid to break free from the comfort of their ancient hand set. And most find boys glued to their toys at the wrong place and the wrong time irritating.

A cell phone with bluetooth, 5 megapixel camera, voice recording, games, Internet services, Video DJ, Photo DJ, touch screen and motion censors will take her time to get used to. But hey, once she’s hooked on to it, there will be no getting her off the phone. Don’t complain then.