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Valentine's Day special: what stars foretell for your love life

It is the season of love, romance, red roses, and romantic comedies. This Valentine's Day, Tarot Card reader Maanya Sharma draws out the Love Tarot to find out what Cupid has in store for you this year. Find what the cards predict.

sex and relationships Updated: Feb 14, 2014 20:46 IST
Maanya Sharma
Maanya Sharma

It is the season of love, romance, red roses, and romantic comedies. This Valentine's Day, Tarot Card reader Maanya Sharma draws out the Love Tarot to find out what Cupid has in store for you this year.


Dear Arians, in terms of love you seem to be in a difficult place right now. Is it that you are concentrating too much on your professional life and your personal life is taking a backseat? Is it that you are so involved in the mundane chores that you are neglecting your beloved?

Try and understand your beloved…Is it possible that your beloved is going through some problem and needs your support and care?

It is a good time to re-evaluate your relationship. This Valentine's Day try and have an honest discussion with your beloved. Find out if he or she needs you to do something to make the relationship better.

It would be a great idea to de-stress together. Go for a couple spa or join meditation classes together. Try and do activities that you both enjoy.

Single Arians are likely to find love in a group activity, for instance dance classes.

Lucky number: 10

Lucky colour for love:sunshine yellowTaurus

Dear Taureans, this is a time for transformation, it is an end and a new beginning. The cards foresee a major change in your relationship. If you are single, it is quite likely that you will find your beloved really soon. However, in case you are in a relationship that is making you unhappy, then perhaps it is time to let go.

It is possible that the person you like may not accept you but you may find a new person who is so much nicer and loving and makes you really happy.

This change is essential and when you will look back you shall realise that this transformation changed your life for the better in more ways than one. Go with the flow.

For those in love, it is a good time to plan something different or unexpected for your beloved. Plan a surprise dinner or vacation. You could probably buy a gift that sweeps your beloved off his or her feet.

Lucky number: 13

Lucky colour for love:sky blue

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Dear Geminis, this Valentine's Day is going to be special for you. You will find true love that is for keeps. The cards foresee a solid relationship which lasts forever. Social life will be scintillating. It's a good time to socialise, attend special events and meet new people. You never know where you might find love, even in your own neighbourhood!

If you are in a relationship, it's time to take your relationship to the next level. Maybe get engaged or married or move in together. It is also a great time to plan a baby.

This V-Day is a good time to invest in a car or house together, trust me it will be very auspicious. Or just renovate your house with your beloved.

All in all the cards portend happy times, full of love, laughter, and celebration!

Lucky number: 4

Lucky colour for love:all shades of BlueCancer

Dear Cancerians, life looks good for you. If you are currently committed, there is a high chance that this Valentine's Day you may plan to move to the next level -- living together, engagement, marriage, or childbirth. It is a great time in terms of love. Ensure that you express your feelings to your beloved.

If you're not in a relationship, new love may come into your life so fast it makes your head spin. It might be someone you know like a family friend, or maybe your family may introduce you to a potential love interest.

In case you like someone but not sure that your family will agree to the match, rest assured your family would agree. It is important that you spend quality time with family and take the blessings of elders.

Lucky number:10

Lucky colour for love:orange

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Dear Leos, good news is on its way. Get ready to be swept off your feet in love.

If you're looking out for love, it may come along when you least expect it. The cards suggest you to be prepared… get dressed, go out and paint the town red. In other words, have a blast!

However, there is a chance that this affair might not turn out to be long-term. It will be a good idea to explore where your relationship is going.

Those in a relationship might have to face your partner's mood swings. Its fine, plan a nice Valentine's Day filled with love and everything else that your beloved likes.

Lucky number:6

Lucky colour for love:Silver, Ruby RedVirgo

Oh my dear Virgos get ready to have the time of your life. If you're looking for love - it definitely could be on the horizon for you.

In case you are committed, get ready to have a blast with your beloved. The cards foresee great happiness and joy. You will feel the exuberance and excitement of new love. Bring out the inner child in you and let yourself free. It will be a great idea to take a vacation with your loved one, preferably some place warm, where you can hold hands and see the rising Sun.

In case you are committed, then the cards also predict the arrival of a baby!

Please remember to keep your ego in control and not show it to your lover.

Lucky number:19

Lucky colour for love:sunshine yellowLibra

Dear Librans, the cards foresee a quick resolution of all your love problems. Love is moving in your directions with jet speed. It will surely make you feel on top of the world!

The cards predict the start of a new relationship or swift movement if you are already in love. There will be a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. If you plan to propose to someone, it is time to do it.

You may see yourself renewing your vows and will feel a new energy that binds you and your beloved.

Also, have the strength to understand that sometimes things have to end before you have new beginnings.

Lucky number: 8

Lucky colour for love:electric blue/brown

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Dear Scorpios, it is a time for a long and thoughtful look at your love situation. Take a good look at the situation and err on the side of caution. Ask yourself, are you happy in your relationship? Do you really love your partner? Do you really trust your partner? Is your partner hiding something from you? It is time you answered these questions.

Those who are single might get a lot of offers of love, just be careful of whose love you are accepting. Don't be blown away but think clearly and consider all the pros and cons. When in doubt, be objective and listen to your intuition for guidance.

Choose wisely and weigh all options before you take the plunge.

Lucky number: 7

Lucky colour for love: light blue and light yellowSagittarius

Dear Sagis, the cards portend struggle to hold on to what you have got. It seems that you are feeling alone and left out. It is important to understand that your current feelings will soon pass. If you think your relationship is not working then have an honest heart-to-heart with your partner. There is a possibility of things taking a positive turn if you and your partner make an honest attempt. Be flexible and open in your communication with your partner.

If you are single and feel that there is no Right One out there for you, then you are in for a surprise. This time will soon get over. It is the time to be positive and not let your past experiences guide your judgment. You can seek the guidance of an elderly person who can help you come out of your current frame of mind.

It is the time to go out and do things that help you expand your mind. Participate in spiritual pursuits.

Lucky number: 5

Lucky colour for love:whiteCapricorn

My lovely Capris, Cupid brings for you harmony and balance in all aspects of love. Single Capris should know that love will find them, for sure, sooner or later. It is time for introspection and to work on a positive self-image. Don't be shy and reach out for help if you need it.

Those in love will spend a wonderful time with their beloved. Plan a peaceful time together away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle. May be a candlelight dinner at home, an evening waltzing to classic songs or just watch a romantic movie together.

You and your partner need to be more sensitive towards each other. Be open and supportive to each other to achieve bliss.

Oh yes, wear something gold or silver or gift it to your beloved.

Lucky number:14

Lucky colour for love:silver, grey

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Dear Aquarians, love is all around you - you get it from family, friends and your beloved. Your warmth and sincerity will draw your partner towards you. Your love will grow stronger and warmer.

Single Aquarians have a strong possibility of meeting someone they like. Follow creative pursuits such as dance and art to enhance your chances to find your true love. You need to be committed in the relationship and you will witness the magic of love. There is a high chance that you will fall for a mature or elder person.

Plan a trip with your loved one, specifically close to nature. A little time away is all you need to ignite the passion.

Lucky number:13

Lucky colour for love:brownPisces

Dear Pisceans, this is the time for movement. It's time to move away from troubled waters to calmer seas. Let bygones be bygones. Leave your troubles behind, which may even mean separation from a troubled relationship.

Remember this is a transitional phase. You need to communicate to avoid any stress or conflict in your relationship. A fresh start is what you need, especially if you have struggled to get out of a troubled relationship.

If you are single and looking for love then you need to break the routine. Visit new places and meet new people. Trust the universe to get you what you deserve.

Those in love, need to plan a vacation with their partner -- head for the beach or the hills. Travel will surely renew your love life.

Pay close attention to your dreams and they will guide you.

Lucky number: 6

Lucky colour for love:dark green

(Maanya Sharma is a Tarot Card reader)

First Published: Feb 14, 2014 17:01 IST