What is love?

Love has surprised, amused, gripped and confused us for ages. It happens to everyone and makes people do crazy things. Here is decoding love and what it really is?

sex and relationships Updated: Jun 15, 2012 16:29 IST
Divya Arya
Divya Arya

As LoveIs is trending on twitter, all of us are thinking what love really is? Love is defined by everyone in their own way. Some think love is never having to say sorry, some equate it with red roses, some think it is undying commitment towards the one you love, and some think it is the comfort zone you create with a person. Different people, different definitions, but one love.

Love is the central theme of the world around us, especially our very own Bollywood, with love at first sight, heartbreak, lovers meeting at last and then living happily ever after as main themes.

Love is the staple of life, and as Einstein said, gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. Love is what drives all of us, love is what makes people do crazy things like Tom Cruise jumping on a chat show for Katie Holmes!

I remember, as a kid, every Sunday I used to run to get the newspaper to open it to the LoveIs comic strip which sweetly described the warm and fuzzy feeling of love. The strip was created by Kim Casali in the late 1960s and love remains the same- the beautiful feeling of heaven on earth!

So tell us what you think love is! And while you are at it, tweet that as well!

First Published: Jun 15, 2012 16:14 IST