When a date is just a piece of fruit

Updated on Aug 07, 2013 12:08 PM IST
The romance game is getting complex every passing day. Deepa Gahlot probes into the intricacies.
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None | ByDeepa Gahlot (HT Cafe), Mumbai

In the good old days, like, till five years ago, if someone asked if the guy or girl they were with was their boyfriend or girlfriend, the answer would either be “Yes” or the usual “No, we are just good friends.” Try asking that now, and you are likely to discover just how complex the romance game is today. The answers could be anything like:

“We are seeing each other, but we are not dating.” “We are dating, but we are not involved”, “We are involved, but we are not in a committed relationship”, “We are together, but not in an exclusivity situation, you know”, or “Oh, we’re just hooked up, we’re not in love or anything.” Huh? Are they just friends then? It's not that easy. “We hang out together but we are not really friends.”

“We have a lot of things in common, but are not moving in the same direction” or “We go about in a group, but are not that much into each other.” What's funnier is that these grey areas might persist even when the couple is married. Then you might hear, “We are married, but we don’t own each other.” “We are married but we are free to see other people.”

“We are a couple, but not committed for life.” Trying to get into the intricacies of relationships is like stepping into a minefield. What it basically says is that this is the commitment-phobic generation.

They like to look for better opportunities at the workplace. They are constantly looking over the shoulder of their partner of the day to check if someone richer, better looking, thinner is on the way.

If all else fails, they might just opt for an arranged marriage and beam at you saying, “This is the real thing man, traditional and all. We are Indian you know.”

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