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More sex in 2009, predict visionaries!

According to a prediction in The Futurist magazine, women's growing economic power will lead to a lot of sex in the New Year.

tabloid Updated: Jan 02, 2009 13:22 IST

If last year was not so ‘rocking’ for you, then stand by for some good news – there’s going to be a lot of bedroom action in 2009!

Yes, you heard it right, people are in for a lot of sex in the New Year – and the reason is, women's growing economic power.

The power around the world will give them more choices, and one of those choices, apparently, will be to have more sex, reports the Courier Mail.

The prediction is contained in The Futurist magazine which every year compiles the forecasts and predictions of assorted visionaries.

It is now out with its Outlook for 2009 and Beyond.

Perhaps that has some bearing on another forecast: "Americans may turn away from antidepressants."

According to the anthropologist who made this prediction, the 100-million antidepressant prescriptions Americans take "kill the sex drive" but many may quit taking them, one surmises, so they can participate in the general randiness of women having more economic power.

There''s a cautionary forecast, though: "Saving snakes may save ourselves."

The venom of snakes may have undiscovered medicinal properties but many species are endangered.

Also, included in the prediction list is: "Flying cars may be on the way at last."

The Futurist cites an entrepreneur working on designs for a Skycar that fits in a suburban garage, takes off and lands like a helicopter and flies at 610 km/h.

Last but not the least: the Amazon rain forest would become a desert, the glaciers would disappear and, "conflict over scarce resources would most likely cause human civilisation to collapse".