Amazon offers: Cool down on a budget with fans on discounts of up to 61% on a variety of your favourite brands - Hindustan Times

Amazon offers: Cool down on a budget with fans on discounts of up to 61% on a variety of your favourite brands

ByNeha Ravi Khandelwal
May 21, 2024 05:07 PM IST

Amazon offers budget-friendly cooling solutions with fans discounted by up to 61% on various popular brands. Enjoy savings while staying cool with the best fans

Amazon currently features significant discounts on fans, with savings reaching up to 61%. This sale offers a great opportunity for customers to purchase cooling solutions without breaking the bank. Whether you're looking for a basic model or a more advanced option, Amazon's selection includes a variety of fans to suit different needs and preferences.

Top quality fans at great deals and discounts at Amazon summer deals: May 2024(Pexels)
Top quality fans at great deals and discounts at Amazon summer deals: May 2024(Pexels)

Top brands such as Atomberg, Orient, Crompton, and Polycab are included in this sale, ensuring that customers have access to high-quality products. These brands are known for their reliability, performance, and innovative designs, making them a preferred choice for many households. With such reputable names available at discounted prices, upgrading your cooling equipment has never been more affordable.

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During the summer heat, fans are essential for maintaining a comfortable living environment. They provide immediate relief by circulating air and reducing indoor temperatures. With the current Amazon deals, staying cool and comfortable is now easier and more economical.

The Atomberg Renesa Enzel Ceiling Fan is designed to offer efficient cooling with a sleek look. This energy-efficient fan comes with a BLDC motor, saving you up to 65% in electricity costs. It provides superior air delivery, making it ideal for offices, bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. The fan includes a convenient remote control for easy speed adjustment and features like boost mode and sleep mode. Its modern design with LED indicators enhances your room's decor. Additionally, the fan operates consistently even at low voltages and runs longer on an inverter battery, ensuring uninterrupted comfort during power outages.

Specifications of Atomberg Renesa Enzel Ceiling Fan

Colour: Gloss White

Dimensions: 60D x 23W x 23H Centimeters

Wattage: 35 Watts

Special features: Inverter Compatible, Remote Control

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Energy-efficient BLDC motorHigher initial investment
Sleek designLimited color options

The Activa Apsra Ceiling Fan is a high-speed fan designed for efficient indoor cooling. With a powerful motor running at 390 RPM, this fan provides excellent airflow and operates quietly. It features 1200 mm blades that ensure a wide spread of air, making it perfect for rooms like kitchens, bedrooms, halls, living rooms, and more. The fan is energy-efficient, consuming just 50W of power, and its heat-proof design ensures durability. Additionally, the double ball bearing system enhances stability and longevity, while the aerodynamic blades optimise airflow and minimise noise.

Specifications of Activa Apsra Ceiling Fan

Colour: Brown

Dimensions: 53D x 26W x 18H Centimeters

Wattage: 50 Watts

Special features: Heatproof, Double Ball Bearing

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
High-speed operationLimited special features
Energy-efficientBasic design

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The Polycab Silencio Mini Ceiling Fan is a versatile and efficient choice for home cooling. This advanced fan offers high air delivery with 25 adjustable speed settings, ensuring personalised comfort. It's equipped with Boost++ Technology for superior airflow and a high-speed operation of 370 RPM. Ideal for living rooms, this fan features a remote control for easy adjustments, including a reverse rotation mode for year-round comfort and a sleep mode to save energy. This ceiling fan is the perfect choice for your home.

Specifications of Polycab Silencio Mini Ceiling Fan

Colour: Natural Wood

Dimensions:44.5L x 30.5W x 25H Centimeters

Wattage: 35 Watts

Special features: Remote Controlled, Reverse Rotation Mode

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Advanced features like Boost++ TechHigher price point
Remote controlLimited color options

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The Crompton Energion Cromair Ceiling Fan is a high-speed, energy-efficient option designed to provide optimal airflow in various rooms. With a modern design and brown finish, it complements any interior decor. This fan features a powerful BLDC motor that consumes only 28 Watts while delivering 220 CMM air at 350 RPM, ensuring efficient cooling. The included RF remote control allows for easy speed adjustments and includes timer functionality for added convenience. Additionally, the powder-coated aluminium blades are rust-proof, ensuring long-term durability. The perfect Crompton fan for your home, a must-have during the Amazon deals this summer.

Specifications of Crompton Energion Cromair Ceiling Fan

Colour: Brown

Dimensions: 58.7D x 147.8W x 73.7H Centimeters

Wattage: 28 Watts

Special features: High Velocity, RF Remote, Rust-Proof

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
High air deliveryLimited color options
Rust-proof bladesHigher initial investment

The Orient Electric Apex Prime Ceiling Fan offers powerful airflow with a motor speed of 350 RPM and air delivery of 210 CMM. Its rust-proof aluminium blades ensure durability and easy maintenance. Equipped with double ball bearings, this fan operates smoothly for long-lasting performance. Its timeless design, featuring decorative rings and trims, adds elegance to modern home interiors. This fan combines form and functionality seamlessly, ideal for cooling in rooms like kitchens and dining rooms.

Specifications of Orient Electric Apex Prime Ceiling Fan

Colour: Brown

Dimensions: 54.5D x 26.5W x 18.5H Centimeters

Wattage: 60 Watts

Special features: Rust-proof Aluminum Blades, Decorative Ring & Trims

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Powerful airflowHigher wattage
Rust-proof aluminium bladesLimited special features

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The Havells Ambrose ES Ceiling Fan boasts a premium finish and elegant design, enhancing any room decor. With its high air delivery and energy-saving features, it provides efficient cooling while reducing electricity consumption. The fan's 100% pure copper motor ensures durability and reliable performance. Its oscillating special feature enhances air circulation, making it suitable for various rooms including kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. The metallic paint finish, decorative ring on the motor, and trims on the blades and canopy add a touch of sophistication to your space.

Specifications of Havells Ambrose ES Ceiling Fan

Colour: Nickel Sapphire

Dimension: 55.5D x 27.3W x 20.5H Centimeters

Wattage: 52 Watts

Special features: Oscillating, Double Ball Bearing

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Premium finishHigher wattage
Oscillating featureLimited color options

Top 3 features of the best fans (Amazon Deals May 2024):

Best fans (Amazon deals)No. of SpeedsColourSpecial Features
Atomberg Renesa Enzel 1200mm Ceiling Fan6Gloss WhiteInverter Compatible, Remote Control
Activa 1200 Mm Apsra Ceiling Fan5BrownHeatproof, Double Ball Bearing
Polycab Silencio Mini 600mm Ceiling Fan25Natural WoodRemote Controlled, Reverse Rotation Mode
Crompton Energion Cromair 1200mm Ceiling Fan5BrownHigh Velocity, RF Remote, Rust-Proof
Orient Electric 1200 mm Apex Prime Ceiling Fan5BrownRust-proof Aluminum Blades, Decorative Ring & Trims
Havells 1200mm Ambrose ES Ceiling Fan5Nickel SapphireOscillating, Double Ball Bearing, Metallic Paint Finish

Best value for money fan(Amazon Deals May 2024):

Activa 1200 Mm Apsra Ceiling Fan

The Activa 1200 Mm Apsra Ceiling Fan stands out for its combination of high-speed operation and energy efficiency, all at an affordable price. With its reliable performance and durable build, it offers excellent value for money, meeting cooling needs without straining the budget.

Best overall fan(Amazon Deals May 2024):

Atomberg Renesa Enzel 1200mm Ceiling Fan

The Atomberg Renesa Enzel 1200mm Ceiling Fan emerges as the top choice for its comprehensive blend of features. Its energy-efficient BLDC motor not only ensures cost savings but also operates seamlessly with its sleek design and convenient remote control functionality, making it the ultimate solution for effective and stylish cooling.

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How to pick the best fan (Amazon Deals May 2024):

When selecting the ideal fan during the Amazon Deals of May 2024, consider several factors for optimal cooling comfort. Firstly, assess the size of your space to determine the appropriate fan size for efficient airflow. Look for features such as variable speeds and remote control for customised cooling experiences. Energy efficiency is crucial for long-term savings, so opt for fans with high energy ratings. Additionally, prioritise durability and noise levels for a peaceful environment. Lastly, explore deals from trusted brands like Atomberg, Orient, Crompton, and Polycab to ensure quality performance and reliability.

FAQs: The best deals on fans (Amazon Deals May 2024):

1. What types of fans are available in the Amazon Deals of May 2024?

Amazon's deals feature a variety of fans, including ceiling fans, pedestal fans, tower fans, and table fans, catering to diverse cooling needs.

2. Are there any energy-efficient options among the discounted fans?

Yes, several fans in the Amazon Deals boast energy-efficient features like BLDC motors and high energy ratings, helping you save on electricity bills.

3. Do the discounted fans come with warranties?

Many of the discounted fans on Amazon Deals include manufacturer warranties, providing peace of mind regarding product quality and after-sales support.

4. Can I find fans from well-known brands at discounted prices?

Absolutely! Amazon's deals include top brands like Atomberg, Orient, Crompton, and Polycab, ensuring quality products with substantial savings.

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