Aug 13, 2020-Thursday

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Thursday, Aug 13, 2020


Aug 05, 2020 13:57
The two NASA astronauts brought back to Earth on Sunday said they felt they were inside the belly of a beast as it careened into the atmosphere at 17,500 mph. read more
Jul 31, 2020 11:23
With a simple yet captivating caption,Colonel Doug Hurley shared the image of the Earth taken from the space on Twitter. read more
Jul 30, 2020 17:36
Perseverance is due to land at the base of an 820-foot-deep (250 meters) crater called Jezero, a former lake from 3.5 billion years ago that scientists suspect could bear evidence of potential past microbial life on Mars. read more
Jul 28, 2020 11:16
The research findings have now been passed on to Sacred Heartian parent Mr. Ajay Pillai who is an eminent researcher and alumnus of UDCT to continue further advanced research and enable possible commercial production of these findings. read more
Jul 22, 2020 17:54
The UAE sent the Arab world’s first probe to Mars on July 20. Over the next two weeks, China & US also aim to send a craft/rover to Mars that is closest to the Earth in 2 years. read more
Jul 14, 2020 00:22
he three nearly simultaneous launches - that of the UAE, China and the US - are no coincidence: The timing is dictated by the opening of a one-month window in which Mars and Earth are in ideal alignment on the same side of the sun, which minimizes travel time and fuel use. Such a window opens only once every 26 months. read more
Jul 10, 2020 11:02
“This view of home never gets old,” Dr Buzz Aldrin tweeted and shared the image. read more
Jul 03, 2020 00:23
The planet, called TOI-849b, orbits a star a bit smaller and cooler than the sun, located 730 light years from Earth. A light year is the distance light travels in a year, 5.9 trillion miles (9.5 trillion km). read more
Jul 01, 2020 21:19
Astronauts performed their second spacewalk in under a week Wednesday to replace old batteries outside the International Space Station.. read more
Jun 29, 2020 17:15
“The newly detected planets are the best possibilities of all the known planets in close proximity to the sun to see if they have atmospheres and to study these atmospheres in detail,” astronomer Sandra Jeffers of the University of Göttingen in Germany said, to learn whether their conditions are “amenable for life.” read more
Jun 21, 2020 13:03
Were the Moon just a wee bit closer -- 379,100 rather than 381,500 kilometres away -- Earthlings would be treated to a total blackout, visible at a given spot on our planet about every 400 years. read more
Jun 18, 2020 06:03
The space agency on Wednesday revealed a commemorative plate attached to the rover, aptly named Perseverance. The rover’s name, Perseverance, has taken on added meaning the last few months, according to NASA officials. read more
Jun 17, 2020 18:45
The green glow around Mars has only been detected in one place till now, Earth’s atmosphere. read more
Jun 16, 2020 16:53
The two-image twilight panorama shows Earth in one frame and Venus in the other as mere pinpoints of light, according to a NASA statement. Scientists say the planets appear so tiny due to a combination of distance and the fact that it was taken where there was more dust in the air on Mars. read more
Jun 13, 2020 21:13
The map created by the UMD team shows a large area under the Pacific and reveals hot and dense regions below Hawaii and the Marquesas islands in French Polynesia. read more