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Sunday, Aug 18, 2019
news about Space exploration
Jul 26, 2019 18:43
The Apollo moon-landing program was a public good. It’s worth considering the economic lessons that outer space holds. read more
Jul 22, 2019 16:06
The Chandrayaan-2 will now spend six additional days in Earth’s orbit and 15 fewer days around the moon before it lands on the day that was originally planned, Isro scientists have said. read more
Jul 14, 2019 12:01
Chandrayaan 2 Launch Mission: India has mastered the complex technologies and achieved self-reliance in access to the outer space, ex-ISRO chief said, noting that barring few heavy communication satellites, all other Indian satellites were lofted by... read more
Jul 13, 2019 23:29
Chandrayaan 2 Launch Mission: The indigenous rover and lander on Chandrayaan 2 will be India’s first step towards robotic space exploration. read more
Jul 11, 2019 13:18
It all started on September 13, 1959 when Soviet probe Luna 2 smashed into Mare Imbrium, its 390 kilograms (859 pounds) of mass vaporizing, no doubt, on impact. read more
Feb 14, 2019 10:09
The robot has been missing since the US space agency lost contact during a dust storm in June last year and was declared officially dead Wednesday. read more
Jan 19, 2019 14:50
The opportunities are endless: biological experimentation; resource extraction; figuring out how to live on other planets; space travel; and tourism read more
Jan 06, 2019 10:26
With Elon Musk tweeting pictures of starships and NASA targeting a manned mission to the Mars one day in the distant future, the moon might seem a less exciting destination. read more
Dec 08, 2018 09:46
The Chang’e-4 lunar probe mission — named after the moon goddess in Chinese mythology — launched on a Long March 3B rocket from the southwestern Xichang launch centre at 2:23 am (1823 GMT), according to the official Xinhua news agency. read more
Nov 14, 2018 10:22
The featured doodle has been created by a school student from Mumbai who has won the Doodle4Google 2018 competition in India. Her creation was titled Galaxy, Space Exploration which is a part of this year’s theme, What inspires me?  read more
Sep 23, 2018 10:19
The space agency reported that MINERVA-II1 is the world’s first mobile exploration robot to land on the surface of an asteroid. read more
Sep 21, 2018 17:48
Space exploration has so far almost always been undertaken with the lofty ideals of decoding the mysteries of the universe and understanding the earth’s place in the larger scheme of things. Such projects have therefore been funded by governments and... read more
Jul 09, 2018 14:27
After pitching ideas of installing a giant air tube inside the cave complex and using his firm’s penetrating radar to dig holes to reach the boys, American tech entrepreneur Elon Musk’s latest concept is the pod. read more
May 31, 2018 14:38
Six broccoli seeds were aboard the Orbital ATK Cygnus spacecraft that launched this week from Wallops Island, Virginia, as part of a space station cargo resupply mission. Three of the seeds are travelling to space as is, while the other three were coated... read more
Apr 19, 2018 12:44
NASA blasted off its newest planet-hunting spacecraft, TESS, a $337 million satellite that aims to scan 85% of the skies for cosmic bodies where life may exist read more