I don’t want to go to cold places: Arbaaz Khan
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I don’t want to go to cold places: Arbaaz Khan

For me my adrenaline rush would come from playing PS3. We all from the khan family are pretty scared and confine ourselves to the stunts we have to do in the movies.

travel Updated: Jun 06, 2013 12:15 IST
Pratishtha Malhotra
Pratishtha Malhotra

Arbaaz Khan, belongs to one of the most powerful and loved filmi families of Bollywood. With the success of the Salman Khan starrer, Dabbang, this actor turned producer-director hit gold. He had earlier transitioned from played solo roles to doing cameos in multi-starrers. An easy going person, he is a family man, who likes to stay away from controversies. Hindustan Times has a quick chat with him on his travel style. Excerpts:

Where was your last holiday and what did you most enjoy during the trip?
Dubai and I loved the fact that it was a family vacation and all of us could get away from the humdrum of routine.

What is your idea of a perfect vacation?
I am not one of those super active hyper holiday seekers who cram in endless things to make their day action packed. I like to take it easy and just relax, never mind, if I don’t get to see the hotspots of the city. Without the phone ringing continuously, I can relax, wake up easily, have a quiet uninterrupted dinner, spend some time by the pool side and watch some TV. If I am somewhere near a beach place then spending some time at the beach without an eye on the clock would be divine.

What are the kind of places you just don't want to go to?
Cold places! The idea of going on a holiday would be to never go to a cold place and freeze myself to death. I like to be in places where the climate is nice, friendly, hospitable and comfortable. Even if its little warm, that is preferable to colder climate, which frankly cramps my style and movement.

5 must carry items that are part of your travel kit
Moneycredit cards; phone; a sling bag with all my stuff; some kind of trainers/shoes in case I want to hit the gym or go for a walk or run and comfortable night wear.

The place that has the maximum repeat value for you
I like Dubai

Your most memorable vacation
There have been many. Each for different reasons. I’ve got almost four passports and I have travelled extensively so it is difficult to pick one. I guess, places one has been to often, would have memorable experiences attached to them. So, London would be one such place. I have always had a good time there.

Your most embarrassing travel moment
I think it was when I was expecting a reservation for a certain place and reached there with a lot of confidence, only to find there was no booking. So that was a bit embarrassing. They were actually packed. I hate saying, “I am so and so.” But fortunately, the issue got resolved.

Your ideal travel companion
My wife, she is my ideal travel companion. Together, we end up doing a lot more than we would individually.

Who decides where you will go for your next holiday
You’re not married I guess right? When you’ll be married and a family person you will realise that it is not just what you want or like that determines where you will holiday. When I said that Dubai was on top of my preferred vacation list, it was because it is a family place. Even if you are there for 10 days, the kids are not likely to get bored. There is something to do, its safe and adults too can chill out. London on the other hand is great for a young guy, with its pubs, bars, restaurants, shopping streets et al but kids are not likely to swoon over those places. So, depending on your family scene, you have to pick you holiday spot. When the kids are small, Hong Kong might be good too and as they get older you can move to the more exotic locations. .

5 places you want to visit
This world has got so many amazing places and cultures. I haven’t been to Greece and Italy so those would figure on this list. Then definitely Kashmir, China (Shanghai) and Moscow, St. Petersburg. These places have seen a lot of social and political change and are not on our regular tourist itinerary. I would be keen to do some unhurried trips there with a good guide.

Some quick answers from Arbaaz:

Travel to me : Vacationing.

My next weekend destination will be: Goa

The most exotic vacation I have ever had: Paris

Adventure sports: Playing Play Station 3, because I hate sky-diving , scuba diving, surfing, bungee jumping , roller coasters and all that. I HATE IT. For me my adrenaline rush would come from playing PS3. We all from the khan family are pretty scared and confine ourselves to the stunts we have to do in the movies. In real life, my idea of adventure sports is being happy and easy navigating my PS 3. Though my son more than makes up. He has got guts and is game to jump from the parachute, while I am left biting my nails.

Pratishtha, is a young Delhi-based freelance entertainment writer who loves getting under the skin of celebrities, to know what makes them tick.

First Published: Jun 04, 2013 16:32 IST