Luna, the baby elephant playing with food next to her mother. (Instagram/@samuielephanthaven)
Luna, the baby elephant playing with food next to her mother. (Instagram/@samuielephanthaven)

Baby elephant Luna gives cameraperson a little fright in adorable video. Watch

The video posted on Instagram features a baby elephant named Luna and her mother.
PUBLISHED ON JUL 13, 2021 06:51 PM IST

People on social media definitely love doggo and kitty videos but another animal that wins hearts with its antics is elephants. Those who love animals always enjoy videos of these wonderful beings, especially those that show baby elephants. Thankfully, Instagram has several such videos. However, here’s one that shows a little insight into what happens when one is recording excited baby elephants.

The video has been posted on Instagram by Samui Elephant Haven, an elephant sanctuary in Koh Samui, Thailand. The video captures a baby elephant named Luna and her mother. What makes the video both interesting and adorable is how Luna gives the cameraperson a little fright in her excitement.

“It's a risky business being Luna's cameraperson!” says the caption shared along with the video.

Watch the sweet video below to see what Luna does:


Shared yesterday, the video has collected 21,000 views and more than 4,800 likes. The clip has also received several reactions from netizens.

“Little Luna loves to play... I love the sound of her trumpet,” wrote an individual. “Food, what food? Let’s play!” shared another imagining Luna’s thoughts. “Don’t get any closer, I know you’re after my cake. LOL,” added a third.

“I would be in the background of all the videos laughing and screaming. She’s always trying to take y’all out!” posted an Instagram user. “I always want to know what’s going on in mama’s mind when Luna creates such havoc with the food,” wondered another.

What do you think about Luna and her antics?

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