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Brain Teaser: Can you figure out what the closest time to midnight is?

Feb 21, 2024 09:50 AM IST

This brain teaser about the closest time to midnight has left people scratching their heads. Do you think you can solve it correctly?

A brain teaser that was shared on a social media platform has sparked a discussion online. The brain teaser simply asks people to choose the time closest to midnight from the given options. Do you consider yourself a puzzle master? If yes, take a shot at this brain teaser.

Brain Teaser: Can you solve this correctly?(Threads/@7millionaire_lines)
Brain Teaser: Can you solve this correctly?(Threads/@7millionaire_lines)

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The brain teaser was shared on Threads handle @7millionaire_lines. The question reads, “What is the closest time to midnight?” It has four options. These are- A. 11:55 am, B. 12:06 am, C. 11:50 am, D. 12:03 am.

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Take a look at the brain teaser right here:

The brain teaser was shared a day ago on Threads. It has since collected over 400 likes and numerous comments.

Check out how people reacted to this brain teaser:

“12:03 am, literally 3 minutes away from 12:00 am? How are y’all getting this wrong?” posted an individual.

Another added, “D as midnight is 12:00 am.”

“C, B & D do not exist. A is 11 hours and 55 minutes from the previous midnight it 12 hours and 5 minutes to the next midnight. C is 11 hours and 50 minutes away from the previous midnight. B and D do not exist as after midnight the clock resets to zero hours. After noon it would be pm,” shared a third.

A fourth commented, “D. It is 3 minutes past midnight.”

“A and C are discarded because those are close to midday not midnight. So the answer would be D,” wrote a fifth.

A sixth chimed in, “A. Time is constantly moving forwards so if it is past midnight, B and D would be incorrect as now you have to calculate the current time to the next midnight. So in this case, you need to think a bit backwards. Instead, look for the latest time out of the options given and that would be A) 11:55 am.”

What do you think is the correct answer to this brain teaser?

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