Brain Teaser: Only maths geniuses can solve this without using a calculator

Sep 18, 2023 11:05 PM IST

The brain teaser shared on X asks users a simple maths question but the catch is to solve it solely from mental calculations.

Social media users often find themselves drawn to maths-related brain teasers. Reason? It helps them to unwind and take a break from the stresses of daily life. One such teaser recently made its way onto X (formerly Twitter), presenting a straightforward maths problem involving addition and multiplication. What’s more, puzzle enthusiasts have to solve it solely from mental calculations without using a calculator or pen and paper.

Brain Teaser: Solve this question in less than 10 seconds and prove that you are a maths whiz. (X/@SabaOsmaanqazi)
Brain Teaser: Solve this question in less than 10 seconds and prove that you are a maths whiz. (X/@SabaOsmaanqazi)

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“Can you solve this without a calculator?” reads the caption to this brain teaser shared on X by a user Dr Saba Osmaan. The brain teaser asks a seemingly simple question: ‘Can you solve this?’ and the accompanying equation is ‘2x1+6x6’. Simple, right? But can you solve it in just 10 seconds or less and prove your calculation skills? Your time starts now...

Take a look at the brain teaser shared on the micro-blogging platform below:

The brain teaser was shared a day ago. It has so far been viewed by more than 1,400 people. Many among them liked this brain teaser. Additionally, a few even tried solving it and shared their answers in the comments.

Here’s what people posted after solving this brain teaser:

An individual wrote, “PEMDAS rule 2+36=38.”

Another added, “Yes, I can solve this question without a calculator. 2×1 + 6×6 =2 + 36 =38.”

“According to BODMAS 38,” joined in a third.

A fourth commented, “You all are right. Cheers.”

Many unanimously agree that ‘38’ is the correct answer to this intriguing brain teaser.

Were you able to solve this maths-related brain teaser? If yes, what answer did you get?

Earlier, a maths brain teaser was doing the rounds on the Internet. It claimed that 99% of people won’t be able to solve it correctly. The challenge was to find the product of two numbers. Intriguing, right? Read more about this brain teaser here.

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