Dog only wants to drink from his favourite wash basin. Watch video

Published on Jun 21, 2022 06:36 PM IST
  • This video shows how a grandfather continues helping the pet dog to drink water even after he has grown up.
Grandpa helps the dog drink water. (Instagram/@a_windy_soul)
Grandpa helps the dog drink water. (Instagram/@a_windy_soul)

Dogs share a very special bond with everyone around them. Just like this wholesome bond between a grandpa or ‘nanu’ and Kofee the Labrador dog, which is bringing smiles to netizens. The video opens to show a puppy barely reaching the sink to drink water, being assisted by his best friend, his nanu.

Simultaneously, the text on the screen reads “Kuch aadatein nahi badalti” which means “Some habits never change.” In the first clip, Kofee is 6 months old. In the following clip, Kofee the dog has grown into a handsome 14-month-old Labrador. And nanu still supports Kofee while he drinks from the wash basin. “Still nanu ka chotta baccha” meaning “Still nanu's small baby” reads another text box on the video.

The Reel has been captioned “ Nanu is helping Kofee drink water directly from the wash basin ever since he was a pup. He understands when Kofee is thirsty and tells me every time look how thirsty he is, why don’t you take care of him. His water bowl is always filled with water but he never drinks from it if nanu is around.”

Watch it below:

The video was shared four days ago on @a_windy_soul’s Instagram page. Since then it has amassed over 4.4 lakh views and above 25,000 likes. The numbers only seem to be increasing. Many users have taken to the comment section to express their thoughts.

“Heartwarming,” writes an Instagram user. Another comment reads “Your nanu is a gem of a person”. A third shares “Mine does the same still”.

What are your thoughts on this video?

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