Rottweiler doggo pushes her toy lamb on a swing ever so gently. Watch

Published on Jun 09, 2022 12:29 PM IST
  • This video that has been shared on Instagram shows how a cute Rottweiler dog gently pushes its lamb soft toy on a swing.
The Rottweiler dog pushes its lamb toy on a swing. (Instagram/@zavanah_destiny)
The Rottweiler dog pushes its lamb toy on a swing. (Instagram/@zavanah_destiny)
BySohini Sengupta

There is rarely ever a lack of adorable dog videos on the Internet that bring a smile to pretty much anybody's face. These videos are the ones that not only brighten up your day when you are watching them but continue to have a favourable effect even when you are done doing so. And exactly that kind of a video has been shared on the Instagram page named Dog and has been going viral for all the right reasons.

The video opens to show a Rottweiler doggo who can be seen standing in front of a swing. On the swing, viewers can see a cute little stuffed toy lamb. What happens next in the cutest part of the video, as the fur baby makes it a point to gently push the lamb stuffed toy on the swing so that it can enjoy itself. First, the dog puts her head below the swing but realises that pulling the swing a little with her mouth will lead to it having a greater effect.

“She’s so gentle,” reads the text insert that accompanies this video. “Rottweilers are the biggest babies ever,” reads the caption of the dog video. The caption is complete with the emoji of a crying face. The video has been making many people smile from cheek to cheek and will likely have the same effect on you as well.

Watch the dog video below:

Shared 13 hours ago, this video has accumulated over 29,500 likes. It has also received several comments from people who love dogs and could get enough of this cute moment.

“Rottweilers are scary ngl but they’re adorable babies when they start getting used to you,” writes an Instagram user. Another posts, “We don’t deserve dogs.” A third comment reads, “What da dog doin?”

What are your thoughts on this gentle doggo who just wants her toy to enjoy?

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