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TikTok drug trend 'Chroming' takes fatal toll: Parents and authorities sound urgent alarm

ByVedanth Shinde
Sep 28, 2023 02:18 PM IST

Fatal 'Chroming' trend on TikTok alarms as young lives are lost, parents and authorities raise urgent concerns.

A new and concerning drug trend has emerged, gaining popularity among Gen Z and Gen Alpha, causing legitimate parental concerns. Tragically, this trend has already claimed the life of 13-year-old Esra Haynes, an eighth-grade student from Melbourne, Australia.

Fatal 'Chroming' Trend: TikTok's Deadly Challenge Raises Alarms Worldwide (esra_haynes/Instagram)(Instagram)
Fatal 'Chroming' Trend: TikTok's Deadly Challenge Raises Alarms Worldwide (esra_haynes/Instagram)(Instagram)

On March 31, 2023, Esra passed away due to chemical exposure during a sleepover while participating in a disturbing TikTok trend known as 'chroming,' which involves inhaling aerosol deodorant.

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Following her participation in this dangerous activity, Esra suffered severe brain damage and ultimately experienced a cardiac arrest, as reported by The Sun. She fought for her life in the hospital for a week before giving in to her injuries.

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Her grieving parents are now determined to warn others about the risks associated with 'chroming'. Esra's father, Paul Haynes, shared on the Australian TV show 'A Current Affair': "Esra would've never done this if she'd known the consequences, that it could take your life."

The pain of their loss is immeasurable, with Esra's mother, Andrea Haynes, adding, "The ripple effect is that this is absolutely devastating, we've got no child to bring home."

The term 'chroming,' an informal word originating from Australia, refers to the dangerous practice of inhaling toxic fumes from sources like aerosol cans, spray deodorants, or paint containers. 'Whiptok' has garnered over 546.3 million views on the platform.

While the term "chroming" has expanded to include various substances, it initially referred to sniffing chrome-based paint to achieve a high. Some of the toxic chemicals used in chroming include aerosol cans, paint, solvent, permanent markers, nail polish remover, hairspray, deodorants, lighter fluid, glue, cleaning supplies, nitrous oxide, and gasoline.

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Chroming may provide a temporary high, similar to the effects of alcohol, but it poses severe risks. These include heart attacks, seizures, suffocation, coma, choking, fatal injuries, and permanent organ damage. Prolonged abuse of these substances can also lead to cognitive impairment.

Regrettably, another young life has been lost, possibly due to the TikTok trend. Authorities are currently investigating the death of 14-year-old Sarah Mescall. As reported by the Irish Independent, Sarah passed away on September 25, three days after being admitted to a hospital in Dublin.

She collapsed after allegedly participating in the challenge, briefly regained consciousness to inform her mother of the incident, and then fainted again. Sarah was placed in a medically-induced coma but ultimately gave in to her injuries.

TikTok has responded to Sarah's death with a statement emphasizing that content of this nature is prohibited on their platform and would be removed if discovered. The statement also underlined their commitment to protecting and supporting their community, collaborating with experts, and offering safety resources to those in need.

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