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X user shares t-shirt-related brain teaser, says ‘90% will fail this’. Can you solve it?

ByTrisha Sengupta
Feb 27, 2024 10:01 PM IST

Do you have what it takes to solve this t-shirt related brain teaser?

There is a certain satisfaction in conquering the seemingly impossible brain teasers. If you are someone who loves puzzles that offer a mental workout, then we have a brain teaser that an X user claimed 90% of people failed to solve. Do you think you belong to the rest 10% and can crack this quiz with ease?

Can you solve this t-shirt-related brain teaser? (X/@juwaireh)
Can you solve this t-shirt-related brain teaser? (X/@juwaireh)

X user juwairah shared the brain teaser with a simple caption that reads, “Brain Teaser. 90% will fail this. Let's go”. The user also shared an image that shows a t-shirt with holes in it. The question is regarding the piece of garment and it reads, “How many holes are there in this shirt?”

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Are you ready to tackle this brain teaser? Your time starts now…

The post was shared a few days ago. Since then, the tweet has collected more than 1,000 views. It has also received nearly 100 likes. Further, the share has accumulated several comments from people.

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What did X users say about this t-shirt-related brain teaser?

“Gotta be six,” posted an X user. A few others wrote “Six” too. To which, an X user commented, “Two holes, where are you people seeing six?” A third joked, “How am I sure it ain't design and not holes”. While some wrote “4” or “8”, a few simply added, “I don’t know”.

Why do people love brain teasers?

The challenge of puzzle-solving has always fascinated people. According to an article published in Medium, the primary reason people love brain teasers is because it gives them a sense of accomplishment. Also, they act as sources of stress relief and relaxation. Alongside, they also provide mental stimulation.

Did you manage to solve this t-shirt brain teaser? How long did it take you to find the correct answer?

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