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You're a puzzle master if you can solve this floor tile situation in under 10 seconds

Jun 18, 2024 08:00 PM IST

Brain teaser: Which tile from the following image cannot cover a floor properly without being overlapped?

Brain teasers are helpful to exercise your brain as cognition and memory both come into play to help solve riddles. Such a brain teaser was published on Reddit, where a user shared images of four different shapes and asked users to identify which shape cannot be used as a tile to cover a floor even if one had an “infinite” supply of them. The post has gained over five hundred upvotes and over seventy comments.

Brain teaser: The floor tile puzzle was shared on Reddit. (Reddit)
Brain teaser: The floor tile puzzle was shared on Reddit. (Reddit)

The image attached to the post reads “Which one of these four tiles could not be used to cover a floor if you had an infinite supply of them? Flipping them over is allowed.” So the rules are that the tile should not overlap and cannot be resized.

The fun teaser was shared on the Reddit sub “r/puzzles” by user “endersgame_reviewer.”

Here's how Redditors responses to the brain teaser:

The comment section responded with various responses:

Some questioned with “Discussion: I am assuming you can not overlay the tiles.” To which the original poster responded with “yes, you cannot”

Another comment focused on the solution “There's no way that N would work. The arrow (assuming proper dimensions) can be lined up end to end, and then again the other way. Triangles can be tessellated into parallelograms and then put into rows. The L shape can be doubled up into a rectangle, and then the rest is obvious. There's just no way that N would work.” To which the original poster replied with “that is the correct answer”

Were you able to solve this problem? If you found this too easy then check out this other puzzle where the clue is hidden in the riddle itself. In this riddle you must be vigilant about the attached material itself as the clue is hidden in it.

Click here to try out another brain teaser: There’s a clue in the image, but people can’t find it. Can you solve it?

The riddle went viral as people scrammed for the answer. Many argued which answer was correct, making the question even harder. The question simply states, “Hello. The first clue is hidden within this image. Find it, and it will lead you to other clues. Do not overlook anything. Everything has a purpose. Good luck.”

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