Bigg Boss 10: Are Manveer and Nitibha falling for each other?

On Monday’s episode, while Manu Punjabi returned to the show sparking old flames, we also saw new equations being built up.

tv Updated: Dec 13, 2016 15:13 IST
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HT Correspondent
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After Manu’s exit, Manveer found a good friend in Nitibha and vice versa.(Colors)

On Monday’s episode, while Manu Punjabi returned to the show sparking old flames, we also saw new equations building up.

Manveer-Nitibha’s the new love birds?

After Manu’s exit, Manveer and Nitibha finding good friends in each other. Monalisa who has been a good friend of Manveer, teased him and Nitibha and said that love starts with tiffs, just how it has happened for both of them. Nitibha tried to clarify that for her, even friendship starts with arguments. Monalisa, however, continued her teasing by calling them ‘Bhai’ and ‘Bhabhi’. Later, Bani and Gaurav also discussed about this newly discovered proximity between Nitibha and Manveer. Bani said the feeling is mutual between Manveer and Nitibha.

Nitibha is upset

While Manveer asked Nitibha to ignore the housemates, Nitibha couldn’t take it so lightly. Manveer told Nitibha that they are friends and whatever relationship they share is not the concern of the other housemates. Nitibha said that her parents are watching the show and they would feel awkward to hear such things about their daughter.

Manveer and Rahul’s fight

During the nomination task, the housemates were asked to tie balloons around themselves and each person had to burst two other balloons - those tied to the people they want wanted to nominate. Om Swami was made the sanchalak of the task. On the first buzzer, Manveer burst Rahul’s balloon stating that Rahul also wanted to do the same to him. Shocked with Manveer’s behaviour, Rahul cribbed about him making an issue out of a small thing and was quick to burst Manveer’s balloon as soon as the second buzzer rang. Manveer and Rahul, soon got into a fight over the nominations.

Manu joins Priyanka in the secret room

Manu Punjabi, who had to make an emergency exit last week after the death of his mother, entered the secret room on Monday’s episode. With him back in the game, Priyanka Jagga was super excited.

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